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  1. Sorry to hear about this. We are very much subject to Cleverbridge's business here. But we are working on a self-serve account management system which will make it a lot easier for all of you to manage your account, subscription and renewal options.
  2. Hi TJP. MBAE is a pre-infection preventative protection mechanism. It will prevent a ransomware infection if it is exploit-driven (drive-by, exploit kit, etc.) or when it is delivered via some social engineering attacks like Word Macros. Anti-Ransomware Beta is a post-infection detection and blocking mechanism. It monitors the behavior of ransomware on the machine and prevents files from being encrypted. The best approach, which is the one we recommend, is a layered approach. Install MBAM + MBAE + Anti-Ransomware to have the most effective protection against modern malware.
  3. Thanks for all the information and testing guys! As a matter of fact it seems like the experimental build is not being correctly signed (using the old signing process). We'll look into this one. Thanks again for reporting!
  4. That is a generic message, has nothing to do with the problem. Please repeat the operation of closing everything. Then open a cmd as admin and type "tasklist >tasks.txt" and attach the file here. Then try to re-install MBAE.
  5. Do you have Trusteer running by any chance? I would make sure you are completely disinfected first.
  6. Hi KeZa, I see you have a lot of security programs and startup optimizers. It could very well be that one of your other programs is preventing MBAE from installing to run as a startup/boot program. Try closing and disabling all your other security/optimizer/startup managers and then re-installing MBAE.
  7. Hi @btmp. Lately we've been doing some changes to the hooking mechanism to accommodate changes in Windows 10, and this could potentially be the source of the conflict. There might be some other changes to the hooking framework we need to do in 1.09. After release of 1.09 we should be able to have more time to look at this.
  8. Please re-download the latest version from our website.
  9. (For internal tracking - BugID 234)
  10. You are running the old 1.07 version. From the Management Console, go to Policies, Anti-Exploit, and enable auto-upgrade of clients.
  11. In our blog you can see plenty of examples of MBAE providing protection against sites which have been caught/known to be distributing malware through exploit kits. There's a lot of good reading there. https://blog.malwarebytes.com/category/threat-analysis/exploits-threat-analysis/ In addition recently we started this page to show MBAE in action against interesting exploits: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/malwarebytes-anti-exploit-itw/ Finally the Webinar and youtube videos and channel referenced by Ron are also a good resource.
  12. Nope, MBAE will not protect against this as it is a logic flaw within the OS. MBAE protects against remote code execution in third-party applications (browsers, java, office, flash, etc.).
  13. There's two MBAE protections around VBScript under Advanced Settings, one under "Application Hardening" and another under "Application Behavior". See if by unchecking both (and restarting) you are still seeing the error.
  14. We are working on a fix for this for 1.09. We'll release a beta ASAP so you can verify the fix. Please open a ticket in Support describing the issue you are encountering to make sure you receive the 1.09 beta when it becomes available.