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  1. I have expressed the same issues so I know the feeling. Quick scan works fine but full scan crashes when other programs like my main A/V can do full hard drive scans no problem.
  2. Yeah I agree the more important scan is the quick scan as it detects anything actively running. Still running a full scan, from time-to-time, is useful. I did check out that page. However as stated I have performed a hardware check against the h.d.d. and filesystem (NTFS). This system runs Diskeeper Pro which defrags daily automatically. I will say I haven't run MB in safe-mode but thought about it. However I know it is best to not run MB in safe mode and since quick scan in normal mode works I haven't care to try that approach. It seems MB is having trouble with some file but since the program crashes and takes out the GUI I can't get the error message. If I attempt to load another program like Notepad I will get a .dll error which goes away once the system is rebooted. Still as stated SecureAnywhere scans all files with zero issues so between that and CHKDSK the filesystem and h.d.d. seem in good shape. If only quick scan will work so be it that is the most important. I still have SecureAnywhere to do full file scans from time-to-time. I just thought I would see if there where any suggestions. This system is old but is still rock solid and until MS EOL's Windows XP I will keep this workstation in use.
  3. Hello Community, Until recently MalwareBytes has worked flawlessly, however now it keeps crashing on full scans. I am able to perform a quick scan and with no infections detected. However when I switch over to a full scan MalwareBytes eventually crashes. It takes out the GUI so that all over programs just give .dll errors. The issue corrects itself after I reboot the system which sometimes Windows will gracefully restart and sometimes it is a hard reset. I have run a full CHKDSK on ALL partitions. I turn off other security programs such as Webroot SecureAnywhere my main realtime protection, when running the scans. SecureAnywhere will do a full file scan with no problems or errors. I have done a full uninstall and reinstall of MalwareBytes. I am running version on Windows XP SP3 with all current updates applied short of things like Windows Search, Bing desktop, and MS anti-malware tool (garbage). What leads me to believe it is something in MalwareBytes, at least on my machine. As I stated earlier SecureAnywhere performs full file scans of all files on the hard drive, across all partitions, with no errors or crashes or malware detected. So I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has any other ideas or thoughts, as I am out of them at this point. Thank you! Respectfully, Jeremy