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  1. Thank you, I have contacted support. John
  2. Files attached. I have disabled MB & its started ok the last few times, but it started ok for 2 days before problem came back so could be sporadic. thanks for your help John attach.txt dds.txt
  3. Thanks for the reply. After I wrote I disabled Windows Defender, this seemed to work (& made it generally faster) for 2 days. But today same problem back. I have the logs you asked for, shall I just paste them here as I can't see a way to attach? I then disabled MB & restarted but PC froze again & no internet icon showing, restarted a second time & working OK, MB still disabled. John
  4. Hi, I am not sure this is a problem with Malwarebytes, but thought I would start here. I have W7 and AMB pro, the last few days its been difficult to start the PC, can take 4 or 5 attempts to start. I usually have 4 items on the system tray, but when I start I only have the NOD32 anti virus & a greyed out AMB, the internet icon is missing, the machine won't respond & I have to restart, as soon as I see the usual blue coloured AMB icon in the system tray it works normally. I noticed that AMB is not in the startup list in System configuration. Grateful for any help, it seems odd that the AMB icon is greyed out, but is this a coincidence and not the real problem ? thanks John