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  1. Hi, I've just installed the latest Microsoft updates on 2 different Vista PC - 1 is 32-bit and 1 is 64-bit. At login, after several seconds, I now get an error box that Malwarebytes has stopped running, Windows is looking for a fix and then "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has stopped working" Yes, I could do things on my side, but can you please first check to see if the latest MS updates broke your product. Note - Manually starting Malwarebytes after it fails works fine. Running Premium on both PCs.
  2. Work computer has been running Malwarebytes for a while. Great purchase. I'm trying to load a product from Visitrack []. It uses the Advantage Database. After install, the computer slows to molasses - 20 minutes to come back up from a reboot, instead of 2 or 3 - Windows XP. Finally chased it down that if I turn off Malwarebytes, everything runs normally. Of course, I want to run Malwarebytes. Is there a known resolution for Advantage Database and/or should I just try putting different things on the Ignore List and/or ?? Thanks.