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  1. The reason of my approach is to control this task execution, i.e. to wake up the computer from hibernate state, to perform the scan automatically (and some other tasks as back-up) at the very suitable time for me, do not disturb any other tasks by the scan or reboot and not to slow-down the computer when it is in use and when all these tasks finished to put the computer in the hibernate state (or to shut it down depending on other task requirements). I put this script before back-up tasks, but looking at your answer, it seems to me that it shall be executed at the end of the script, as if my understanding of -reboot is correct. Best Regards User3D CheckResults.txt
  2. Hi, The issue is that I use the paid version which I bought on June 22nd and not the free one... Thus the paid version I use does not perform the requested task. What is wrong with my script (or software version I bought)? Best Regards User3D PS. The script is executed when task scheduler wakes-up the PC from the hibernate state. The real-time protection is enabled. System: Windows 7 64 bits Family Premium
  3. Hi, I put on my PC some scheduled tasks which are executed during the night (administrator rights granted) in which I included .bat (this is a test version, not the final one): rem test malware @echo OFF echo Start of test cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes" mbam.exe /logtofile %TEMP%\scanMbam.log /update -silent echo After update ERRORLEVEL %ERRORLEVEL% mbam.exe /logtofile %TEMP%\scanMbam.log /scan -quick -log -silent -remove -reboot echo After scan ERRORLEVEL %ERRORLEVEL% cd %TEMP% dir *.log type %TEMP%\scanMbam.log My goal is: update databaseperform a quick scandisplay a message if any thread detected (not included, yet, I imagined to do this using the test of %ERRORLEVEL%)collect the logs in well identified fileexit the .bat once all above actions performed The script execution last 8 seconds, which seems to me to be extremely short, The database is not updated (the interface shows the old version of database) The %ERRORLEVEL% is always 0 (this can be correct as there is no detection) The log file is not created I use registered Pro version of Malwarebytes. Please let me know what is wrong in my approach. Also with option -reboot, if the computer is rebooted, is the script going to continue its processing in order to perform other tasks , or shall I put mbem.exe with this option as the very last step of my script? Thank you in advance for your help Best Regards User3D