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  1. I don't want to be rude or something with the program because it's very helpful but deleting the program from the safe mode fixed my problem. Thanks anyway for responding so fast to my topic!
  2. So I was looking on YouTube on how to make your PC faster, and I found one. The guy was saying to download Malwarebytes and go for a quick scan. So I did. And I found 4 errors. One was a trojan clicker located in C:/Windows/System32/msvfd32.dll .I was surprised that I had a trojan, and I deleted it with the other 3 things and a message appeared saying "Urgent you need to restart your computer" and I clicked "Yes" and like the thing said, it restarted my laptop, but when it booted up instead of showing the desktop and all that it just showed a light blue screen with nothing but the mouse cursor. Can someone help me? I'm scared I need to re-install the Windows. I have Windows 7 and a Samsung laptop. If you guys need any more details I'll look too see if I can find them. Thanks. Also I made a video from my mobile phone nad uploaded it to YouTube :