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  1. I already posted that my system freezes when I try to do a full scan.I was told to come here and post so I could get free help in fixing my issues. I ran a quick scan and am attaching it - HELP! Thanks! mbam-log-2013-09-18 (20-08-29).txt
  2. Here are the reports attach.txt CheckResults.txt dds.txt
  3. Well, the only thing I could successfully do was the first step. I guess, since I just upgraded to a paid version, I didn't see any logs. I guess because I installed a new version when I paid for it - ? My computer is still not responding - I can't attach anything - I am going to reboot again
  4. That is FREEZE up my system, not free lol
  5. I had the free version and everytime I tried to run the program, it would completely free my computer, so I rebooted and went online and purchased the full version and ran a flash scan and it showed no infection, but when I tried to do a full scan - same thing, completely froze up my system - what gives?