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  1. Thank you for your reply Ron. I followed your advice and for the better part of the day with the help of a friend knowledgable in malware removal ran numerous tests,full system scans,including 2 different antivirus bootable cds. The good news is it seems my system is clean. A little more testing showed the problem goes away under the following conditions. When Flash is uninstalled, when reverting to a lower version of FireFox ( ie version 23) and when File Protection is disabled for MBAM. Upgrading to the newest version of MBAM did not solve the problem. Upgrading to Firefox beta 25 also did not solve the problem. Until things get stable, planning to temporarily disable MBAM file protection. It is ok to close this topic if you want, meant more as an fyi at this point, in case others may experience similar problems. Regards and Thanks, Sueska
  2. Had problems after updating to version 24.0 of Firefox. I am using MBAM pro version with WIndows XP SP3. I was able to install Firefox, however on attempt to restart Firefox, Firefox would not open and then the PC locked up becoming nonresponsive to keyboard and mouse, requiring a PC hard reboot. On reboot all works fine until I try to open Firefox. Then the problems repeat. After significant testing, discovered that these problems do not occur when Filesystem Protection is turned off for MBAM. I am hoping if I upgrade to a newer version of MBAM these odd problems will go away. Question, since I have a purchased MBAM Pro version, can I uninstall version and install MBAM ew version and use the same id and key information? Or should I install the new version on top of the old version to keep my purchase authorized? Thank you in advance Sueska