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  1. I started it with "Safe mode and networking options" and i couldnt find the ComboFix or any of my programs.
  2. I've completed the scan but got this half way through it which looks quite ODD And error saving C;/Combofix/System and a couple of others like Software, Default, Security, SAM, NTUSER.DAT, USRCLASS.dat here's the log and then something about ncvire or something hasnt got enough memory to run.
  3. If i click ok it tells me it cant create that file.
  4. I got instant errors apon starting it up and this was one of them, i didnt want to ignore it because i don't know what it would do.
  5. I've also encounted two more svchost.exe blocks by mb
  6. My Netgear has no port forwarding option so im not sure how to do that. I don't have a router only a modem.
  7. Thank you for your reply, i have removed Vuze but i have Visual Studios that i downloaded from cnet and other websites is that a problem?? And Attach.txt
  8. Oh god im about to spam again.. but i got another from the same port and the same country. From Romania again.
  9. I'm so sorry Daledoc! I don't understand David, i know that you can get a RAT like you can get Viruses like downloading keygens, game hacks etc.. But it didnt download anything.
  10. I was redirected here by a lovely poster http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=133723 named Daledoc and he linked me the steps to posting here! I have explained my troubles on that thread and believe im infected with some sort of RAT which is holding me back from opening my bank account to see if i've gotten payed, buying things off amazon/ebay and steam. I feel very unsafe and paranoid and would greatly appreciate if you could help me. attach.rar dds.txt
  11. thank you for this i have completed the steps and am about to post it in the sub thread selected, i apologize for spamming & posting it in the wrong section.
  12. Oh and a couple hours before that ip getting blocked i got a block from svchost.exe but couldn't read what it said in time. sorry for the triple post!! i don't know how to edit original
  13. Edit: i had AVG free version on when i visited the website but never got any popup information about anything getting blocked.
  14. So a couple of weeks ago i went to a WoW private server website i frequently go to and it had a "Install java plugin" which i didn't click, lucky enough my friend had told me on skype that it had been hacked and it contained a RAT in the form of a Drive by. I want to know if i've gotten it by just visiting the website? I never downloaded the plugin and never returned to that site again. I reinstalled windows but didnt reformat, deleted the windows.old with Disc Cleanup & scanned Full and Quick and Anti-Rootkit and never found anything. I've turned paranoid and constantly check task manager and netstat -n to see ip's that are connecting to my computer. My friend had the virus and told me it was also FUD. I spoke to the person over skype that had planted the virus after reporting him to the internet police in his country * i know it sounds stupid but what he did was illegal * So for the past 2 weeks ive been on lockdown and havent used any bank acc information which is becoming hard since i often buy things off Amazon,Ebay,Steam. I also got DOS'd for 3 days after i got the virus. I asked him if he had my computer on his RAT and he said yes and gave me my IP address. But at that moment i had realized i was on a VPN but he could of easily skype resolved my ip and told me it to become paranoid. Anyway this has become a big drama, im contemplating spending $95 on reformatting because i can't do it myself *trust me ive tried every option even bios* and wanted to know if what he did was just a thing to get me scared. I dont doubt his virusing skills so even if there was a way to get a RAT from visiting a website tell me. Also i got this block a couple hours later which looked like this Malware Bytes has blocked a connection IP: 445 I looked up 445 and its the port for filesharing, is that a problem? IP is located in Romania because i already tracked him.