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  1. Thanks. I gather that the steps I took to remove and reinstall Malware Bytes fulfills the requirement "if all else fails"?
  2. The instructions for a runtime error 383 says to remove Malwarebytes, shut down, and then try to install a new version. I cannot remove malwarebytes, says a uninstall module is missing, I need to download a new version. I'm hesitant to download a new version on top of the older version, because it would seem to me that the runtime error would still exist. The "clean" installatin message says this should be used only when all other options fail. I don't find a list of suggest "other options" - so I'm hesitant to try the "clean" method. Sorta need advice on how to proceed - I'm >99.44% sure I have some malware on my computer which Microsoft Security Essentials won't recognize and/or remove. Question: Is it possible to load Malware Bytes from another computer, put it on a CD or flashdrive, and run it? Or will the same "runtime error" exist because the error 383 is a windows error and not a malware bytes error? Help, Please. Thanks in advance.