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  1. fixed it, yes it was an ownership problem, nothing but trusted installer had access to that key, once I let the system have access, mbam easily fixed it.
  2. Lets see, I told it to fix it but it does not. Comodo does not block Mbam from doing anything, it had total free reign on the system. I did have an old version of AVG installed so I will fix it, thanks. The reason I run puran defrag is becasue it has a true booting defrag, it will defrag before windows starts so it can move flies windows normally locks. On the VBA32 driver, it is a Virus BlokAda Antirootkit driver.
  3. sorry it has been a while since my last post, been really busy. Anyway, attached you will find all three logs, the one from MBAM and the other two from the DDS. Attach.txt DDS.txt mbam-log-2011-06-26 (19-26-56).txt
  4. I have this key in my registry from a Symantec install and MBAM does identify it but it cannot remove it, it just stays there. Log attached
  5. I would also add if the above don't work for you, please download emsisoft emergency kit and give your system a deep scan. the new kit works very well and in conjunction with mbam and your AV they should find the infection and clean them out.
  6. hey i know u from youtube!