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  1. I just tried MBAE clean, restart, install MBAE, restart. Then I started Edge, opened 4 tabs and while it was loading switched MBAE off. Edge disappeared and Windows froze. Forced logout then login to recover
  2. 1156 is causing even worse problems on Windows 10 than the previous version. Edge freezing or disappearing, and even Windows totally freezing. Logs can be pm'd if requested by developers
  3. Reluctantly, I have had to uninstall mbae from my production computer win 10 x 64, as I suspect it is not playing well with this new version of windows. I was just testing my apps in my local account - apps like Weather, Money, News started then disappeared initially, then started and didn't display anything. I turned off MBAE then Start menu became unresponsive, as did all active programs. I logged out via Task manager then logged back in again and everything worked with MBAE off. I can PM logs if required.
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  5. OK, I can bring one problem up fairly consistently Edge hangs or disappears often with the following sequence Stop MBAE Start Edge Open a few tabs While Edge is completing the tabs, Start MBAE Attempt to switch tabs or right click somewhere
  6. I would like to add there is a bug in Edge in Win 10 version 1607. Sometimes it refuses to close when multiple tabs are open. This is not associated with MBAE
  7. No. Edge becomes flaky when this version MBAE active. Intermittent issues particularly when frequently stop/starting MBAE when opening browsers. Edge often disappears, for example when right clicking on an image in web page. It also becomes erratically slow to respond. It is difficult t pinpoint a sequence of events to bring up any of these issues, but they all go away when MBAE is switched off.
  8. It failed to start after initial installation. Restarted computer and it started and said trial period had finished. Then seemed to work in all browsers. Computer slow. Restarted computer, failed to start (see image)
  9. I think these are helpful for first-time/novice users. Perhaps an installation option, defaulting to On for new installations, which includes an informative message that the tooltips can be switched off in Settings?
  10. I see, I had assumed incorrectly that you were running Premium version
  11. Mine installed over the top of premium version and I didn't see any trial option during install. 1.09 assumed premium status and shows no expiry. Windows 7.
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  13. Edge starts then disappears. Stop MBAE protection, Edge AOK. Windows 10 Evaluation copy Build 14372.rs1_release.160620-2342 Windows Defender What info would you like?
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  15. Confirmed. Thanks for the quick fix!