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  1. I will agree with the above assessment. A retail shop can not use a VLK. It has to be a OEM/retail OS license.
  2. Hi leaftwisted: I believe your nightly bandwidth degradation is due to noise generated by some device not too far from you that is turned-on overnight. Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL ) uses an encoding called Quadrature Amplitude Modulation ( QAM ) and uses twisted pair copper wires as a transmission line. The wires are twisted such that both wires will get an equal amount of noise and thus cancel each other out. Much like the concept of why a projectile is more accurate when rotating ( Example: Football, Bullet ). However it is not fool proof and noise can be induced that will cause a disruption in QAM and thus degrades the DSL bandwidth. It can be a wired Telephone that uses Radio to communicate to a base unit, a an electric motor and some kinds of lights. The objective is to literally "choke" the noise out of the line. Since the twisted pair telephone lines will be equally wrapped around the ferrite core, the noise induced on the line will be "choked" ( filtered out ) before the signal reaches your DSL Modem. The pictures Ron posted show such a torroidal line noise filter used with a Westell DSL Modem. They are not hard to implement but may be hard to find if you have never used or seen them before so I am supplying some examples. Radio Shack - Snap-Together Ferrite Choke Core and Snap Choke Core Amazon - Ferrite Core 1/4 Cord Noise Suppressor MPJ&A - 0.40in. ID Ferrite Clamshell EMI Filter NOTE: These simple devices can also be used with Audio Amplifiers where a neighbour's transmitter or a Police Cruiser radio induces noise where you sometimes hear their conversation on your Stereo or TV. They are very commonly used. If you look at some audio cables or power supply cables you will see a "barrel" on the wire at the end that connects into the device. In the case of an electrical device that creates noise, it can be placed on the power chord just after the power connector on the device to reduce its noise transmission.
  3. There are 2 certs. One expire April 2018. You only need one good Publisher's certificate. I do not see it as an issue.
  4. NOPE ! It is happening again !
  5. The forum seems to be back to normal. Pondus was finally able to send me a PM w/o error or problem and I am not getting "Not Found" errors.
  6. Pondus has indicated he too is having issues with the Forum. He had to send me an email... He also indicates he is getting the "Not Found" errors. -- Pondus
  7. I am getting that quite often this AM. Subsequent attempts are however successful.
  8. The editor is still a Foobar Roach Motel.
  9. I'm sorry, this is the Windows Retail Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ( MBAM ) support sub-forum. Android is supported in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile ( MBAM2 ) support sub-forum - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile Help I will request a moderator move your post there.
  10. Is there anything else ?
  11. Which indicates a lower potential of it being a fake or rogue. That is unless the installer is padded and has a very high compressability.
  12. That's a draconian position. Like swatting a fly with a sledge-hammer. The trouble of going through a Wipe and Reinstall should be justifiable. One must make a Cost Benefit Analysis to see if if the cost of removal is higher than the cost of wiping the PC, reinstalling the OS from scratch, patch the OS to make it current, restoring data and installing all applications. However, if you had a "current" image generated by using Ghost or CloneZilla then that may be a viable approach.
  13. ISO files re not malicious. Just like a Petri Dish is not dangerous. They are both containers that can have dangerous substances. A Petri Dish may contain Anthrax or a fungal micotoxin or it can contain a benign substance. An ISO file is a type Archive File, akin to it more common siblings ZIP and RAR, that may or not contain malware. As a container they allow better safety in handling and distribution. In the last few months we have been seeing malware sent in email in ACE and ISO Archive containers. Presumably because many anti malware applications do not extract files from this format for scanning for malicious content. As long as any malware stays in a ZIP, RAP, 7zip, ACE or ISO file, it can be handled safely. In the case of a malicious email message that is using these file types, you are safe as long as you do not open the archive file and execute its contents. Since ACE and ISO files are NOT common, any email that has them can be immediately presumed to be malicious and the email summarily deleted. Any time email comes with an Archive file from any of your friends, family or coworkers and you were not expecting it, do NOT open it. Ask the sender if they sent it and if if they admit they sent it, you can proceed to that email attachment. If the person who supposedly sent the file denies sending it, summarily delete the email and let them know that either their email is being impersonated or it was compromised.
  14. Planned Obsolescence
  15. They are two different classes and should not be compared. One can also point to a skewed analysis. When one is hit by devastating malware they may not take their computer to a Brick and Mortar service shop but seek other remedies. To throw a Monkey Wrench into the discussion, Google is a part of the PUP problem by bundling the Google; Toolbar, Chrome, Earth and other software with non-associated software.