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  1. For temperatures, I second PaulAllen However temperatures are not related to performance they are operational parameters. Just like in an automobile, the Volt Meter, Oil Gauge, Gas Gauge and Mileage Gauge are not performance monitors they are operational monitors. Windows 7 and above has the built-in Windows Resource Monitor that is a free, secure, and is a fine performance monitor. No uninstallers needed. If anyone comes along suggesting a paid-for solution, they are just "pulling your chain". Especially if they join just to post that paid-for solution.
  2. Dank je.
  3. I provided "jj-virus-alert.xyz" as a search spec in Newest IP or URL Threats RE: HTML.FakeAlert
  4. Related: Webcam firm recalls hackable devices after mighty Mirai botnet attack
  5. " As I stated and Sherwood stated, we have three size options for the editor toolbar. Small, Medium, and Large. We can customize what buttons show up when the toolbar resizes to Small, Medium, or Large. I am asking if what you are looking for is for ever possible button to appear in every possible size configuration. " Dank je. I can see that would be best served as a User Option/Preference in one's profile.
  6. " With that being said, are you suggesting we enable all buttons to appear in all sizes? " I frankly don't know what that means or entails. As for mobil devices... I don't care about them. It is the user's fault for using an inappropriate device for accessing the forum. The Forum should NOT have to conform to every device, every platform and every appliance. The Forum Member needs to conform to the Forum requirements which should be based upon Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft IE, Opera and Apple Safari Browsers, I can see it now. The forum software becomes so far out-of-whack because it tries to conform to the simplistic Browser on a Samsung or Toshiba Smart TV. However... The forum software should be able to compensate for the device and software based upon the User-Agent. If the Forum software is unable to alter how it is shown on a device based based upon the User-Agent then the device usage is inappropriate and contraindicated.
  7. AlexSmith: That is an improvement overall on scaling and proportionality. Thank you. However the PM Editor still suffers from an inability to properly wrap the toolbar. Demonstration.wmv
  8. I demonstrated this 6 months ago on 4/28/'16. Fighting The Editor E6.wmv We have been bringing it up since March.
  9. Is there anything else ?
  10. Terry, it is not just that one site. The following is one of many of my submissions of such sites to be blocked by Malwarebytes' products; HTML.FakeAlert
  11. Press "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete" on your keyboard and you'll see a menu on which you'll choose; "Task Manager" Look for Edge under the Process tab ( aka; "MicrosoftEdge.exe" ) Right-click and select Go to Details. Close all instances of Edge browser currently running under Details tab. Or you can simply Logoff and then logon again.
  12. Just close the Browser, Logoff or Reboot. It is not from malware on your computer. It is not an event based upon software from your computer. It is a fraud web page that is there to con you out of money and in other words just a scam. It is a nefarious web site generating content like the ones I created the following videos from. MalwareScam.wmv MalwareScam-1.wmv MalwareScam-2.wmv MalwareScam-3.wmv MalwareScam-4.wmv MalwareScam-5.wmv MalwareScam-6.wmv
  13. If a person's computer is infected, that person is the one that needs to be helped. Not someone acting as a proxy. This is the way "people" are helped.
  14. You seem to be writing in code. Please have the affected person create an account on this forum and then create a post in; Malware Removal for Windows There that affected person can receive one-on-one assistance from a Forum Helper in removing the Cryptographic Trojan that encrypted his/her data files.