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  1. I just realized that was a Stellar Photograph of a Stellar bird.
  2. For Ron's Stellar Jay, Stella Blue
  3. Only a percentage. Therefore it would create a false state of protection.
  4. Well, there 'ya go. Thanx Khadijah and Ron
  5. Nice Shot Ron ! Is it a Rocky Mountain Blue Jay ?
  6. I am sorry I did not return to this thread earlier. I don't know costs as I haven't done it. I have had personnel who have used BroadBand Cards ( one for USA and a different one for Europe ) in conjunction with Cisco VPN software for access to our enclave. What I have suggested are good alternatives for security but I do not have costs. BTW: Now Automobile manufacturers are including a MiFi type device built into their cars such that riders can share Internet access when traveling. Personally, I don't like that idea simply because it is a fixed asset of that automobile and an actual MiFi device can be utilized in an extravehicular capability.
  7. I no longer see it. As you have shown in your screenshot, the Last Post is represented by the Last Poster's Avatar, the Profile Link to the Last Poster and a Link to the Last post which does use the URL suffix of... /?do=getLastComment The listing no longer shows another Link that uses the following as a URL suffix which takes the Forum Member to the first topic of the thread. By that link being removed, one no longer can choose it and wrongly access the first post of a thread. Now that that Link has been removed, the problem has been resolved. Thank You ! /?do=getNewComment NOTE: Manually replacing the URL Suffix with the above still takes the Forum Member to the First Post of the thread. However since the link using that syntax is no longer displayed it becomes a moot point.
  8. Just forget about it. That data is lost.
  9. Nothing has changed. Same advice. I wrote "... as far as the OS is concerned, you just have more free space." After the larger hard disk has received the clone image, you can upgrade to Win10 in situ. IFF there is a problem with Malwarebytes' software you can worry about it after Win10 is installed and all hardware has working and the system is quiescent.
  10. Actually, no. It is not needed ( Sorry DD1 ). If you clone HD_A to HD_B as far as the OS is concerned, you just have more free space. The platform itself does not change.
  11. Unless you know exactly how the programming constructs are specifically implemented, it is a moot point.
  12. If I may add... That's not enough RAM. I suggest maxing-out the RAM to 4GB on a Windows 32bit OS. It is like having a restaurant with four parking spaces and two are used by employees. There is just not enough parking spaces for customers to park and thus the business suffers.
  13. Anything and everything that loads as a service or runs in the background has the potential to negatively affect system performance or actually do so. That is true for the WinNT family. In Win9x/ME is was also true about anything and everything that runs in the background as it did not have NT Services. With any system of systems a sub-system can negatively impact the performance of the system as a whole. A representative simile would be an automobile's air conditioning unit. There is no doubt that when you turn on the air conditioner its steals horsepower from the engine to run the compressor. You will experience that impact when you are stopped at a "Red Light" and the light turns green and you accelerate to highway speed. The ability to go from Zero MPH to highway speed is impacted but the air conditioner does not interfere with the ability of the automobile to do the job it was designed to do. Except for maybe BitDefender MBAM Pro happily coexists with with a fully installed AV application that performs "On Access" scanning. With some there are settings that have to be made and with others the user does not have to do anything.
  14. Thanx Ron. We had discussed it on July 3rd when it previously occurred. At that time, you had indicated... " Not really sure why David but possibly with how your Streams are set for content viewing. " But I am not setting anything of the like. All posts are equal. However twice this month this has occurred in two different threads in two different sub-forums.
  15. If that is the case, why not get a Cellular BroadBand card ( WWAN ) or a MiFi such as from Verizon and bypass a Hotel's Internet altogether. A MiFi device is basically a Cellular Network Modem tied to a WiFi Router. This way you can carry it with you and you can connect 4 ~ 8 systems to it via WiFi. Example: EllipsisĀ® JetpackĀ® MHS800L If you only will have one notebook, then you can get a Broadband Mini-PCI/PCIe card that plugs into a slot on the notebook or tethers to it via USB. Example: Dell Verizon 5720 Mobile Wireless Broadband EVDO Mini-PCI Express Card Food for Thought...