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  1. Dear DanZ, Could you update MBAM and check whether it is still blocked? I have no problem visisting the site Edit: the website blocker of MBAM was failing on my machine, the website is now blocked for me as well. Regards, Durew
  2. Hi robvr, I think you'll have better luck on bleeping computers finding feedback as this forum is aimed at malwarebytes software and not competing software (malwarebytes anti-ransomeware is already in beta). I'll leave this up to the moderators. Though I like the general idea, I cannot make an assesment of the validity of the 'solution' as I fail to find any further elaboration than using 'not-heuristics' and a simple 'look it works' video. In addition I have little clue as to what features are planned for the future. As such I cannot make an accurate judgement of it's functioning and potential. If you are afraid your idea might get stolen, look into patenting options. I would advise you to run a spellcheck over your kickstarter. Regards, Durew
  3. Dear Austin, If you click on a log, a window opens that offers the option to export the log, choose to export it as a .txt file and you should be able to upload it. (Considering your education my guess is that this brief explanation should help, if you still have any questions, please let me know.) I'm not capable of giving an in-depth explanation. I'll leave that to the more knowledgeable people here. If you need more help uploading the logs, please let me know. Regards, Durew
  4. Hi JenniferMartin, As this is the malwarebytes forum we try not to express a preference for an anti-virus-softwarepackage. Thus I recommend that you eiter look at sites like av-test.org and av-comperatives.org or ask help on another forum where no official stance towards antivirussoftware exists, like bleepingcomputers and wildersecurity (or both). Of course we recommend using malwarebytes anti-malware and malwarebytes anti-exploit with whatever anti-virussoftware you choose. I hope this helps, if you have any questions, feel free to ask Regards, Durew
  5. Hi Trunge, I must say that I have never seen MBAM flag a cookie, neither as malware nor as non-malware. I did get some PUP/PUA flags, are those the ones you are reffering to? If so, in the settings you can change how PUPs and PUMs are treated (Ignore, alert only, treat as malware). In addition you can turn off notifications all together though that may be a bit extreme as malware will not trigger a flag either. If this did not help, could you attach a screen shot so I/we have a better understanding of what feedback you are trying to give? Regards, Durew
  6. Dear ArievW, I have experienced similar problems in the past. What worked for me was to use an account with administrator rights when installing MBAM (or adding sheduled scans). My normal approach, using a standard user account and using 'run as administrator', gives these kinds of problems. I hope this helps. If you have any questions please let me know. Regards, Durew
  7. To whom ever is concerned, For no reason in particular I decided to give the acces policies of MBAM a try. So I created a policy added a simple password and denied password-free access to just and about everything (only looking at logs and the history settings were spared). I can still change all my settings (AFAIK), except one set. I cannot edit or remove my only access policy account nor can I add one. This is how far I get when I try to edit (or remove) the access policy I created. If I press "OK" at this point the window freezes. A little while later (and after changing focus to the MBAM main screen) I get the message "Malwarebytes Anti-malware stopped working". After letting windows close the program I opened up the taskmanager. "mbam.exe" is still running according to the processes tab. The services "MBAMScheduler" and "MBAMService" seem to be running as well. Regardless, the MBAM Icon disappears from the system tray after every crash. Thus forcing me to open the MBAM GUI via the startmenu which triggers the UAC. (But this seems to be normal for opening via the start menu). Once the GUI is open the MBAM icon returns and I can open the GUI via the icon without UAC. With or without acces, MBAM continuous to pass the ip-test so I don't think the protection is down. I presume I can get rid of my access policy with a clean reinstall. So I'll try it as soon as the policy bothers me enough (or if requested for diagnostic purposed). This post is more intended so Malwarebytes can find and remove the bug. Attached are some logs that might help. If there is any information you require or have any questions, please ask. Regards and happy Easter, Durew CheckResults with icon.txt CheckResults without icon.txt
  8. I'd like to confirm dont_touch_my_buffer's finding for what firefox is concerned. Disabling these three mitigations was sufficient. (windows 7, 32-bit, EMET 5.2, firefox 37.0) For Word however I could not enable ever mitigation as the screenshot stated. I had to disable SimExecFlow to prevent word from termination by EMET. ASR I could not properly configure so that one remains untested. I'd like to add that everything running sandboxed by sandboxie is only protected by EMET and not by MBEA. (I thought that was I known issue but I don't see it listed.)
  9. Hi everyone, Like McFatTongueI've installed over an older version (disabled MBAM self-protect for the installation) as well, and I also use office 2010. So far I've yet to experience any problems. EMET might be problem again. (An anticipated issue.) As expected, sandboxed programs are not protected. (A known issue) No new/unexpected problems so far. @McFatTongue: Once you are able to edit, don't forget to check out the sub-fora in the lower end of the 'community index'.
  10. Congratulations with your 10.000 post milestone!
  11. It actually is a MBAM issue. (I got it wrong the first time too.) It's the message that shows when you right-click the MBAM icon and than chose "exit", that delphin136 is referring to. The english version reads "Are you sure you witch wish to exit Malwarebytes Anti-malware". This one: In dutch there is the same problem:
  12. -removed incorrect content to avoid confusion for OP- Thanks to Firefox for noticing.
  13. hi anon_private, Welcome to the forum. Here we go: "I start Avira starting under Vista, can I also start Malwarebytes with Windows, without problems?" Yes. That is one of the core features of Malwarebytes anti-malware (MBAM), being able to run alongside an AV. "I wanted the free version of Malwarebytes, but my version mentions Trial version in the Dashboard. Is this the free version?" No. To get you all excited about the premium version they'll let you try MBAM with all premium features enabled for a few weeks. This is the trail version you are running now. Over a while you will be presented the choice to either continue with the free version or buy the premium version. (If you wish to get rid of the trail version earlier, let us know.) Will Malwarebytes automtaiocally update the signature files? Only the premium and trail version should. The free version doesn't. There is a blue activate (inactive button) at the top. What does this mean? When you buy a license for the premium version you can use this button to active the premium version. SInce you wanted the free version, this is not really relevant for you. What is a Potentailly Unwanted Programme? How does MB know? What are the 'PUP' detections, are they threats, and should they be deleted? MBAM detects them about the same way it detects malware. Via the updates your local MBAM client gets the information. What is a Potentailly Unwanted Modification? Some programs change settings that you generally don't want changed. The programs doing this can be malware or PUP's. Examples of PUM's can be: changed file-assosiations (what file is opened with what program. .doc is generally opened by Word), your home page (if it was set to XXXNaughtystuff.something or the like), your security settings, your login preferences. What is the Access Policies box all about? Preventing other users of the computer and possibly some malware from changing setting's in MBAM or disabling it. In Advanced Settings - why delay protection for say 15 secs (default)? Is sometimes nessecary if MBAM conflicts with other software. Enable self protection early start is off by deafult - seems odd! I enabled it. It's probably off by default because the 'self-protection' is disabled by default as well. I do not know the exact reasons. Automatic scanning seems un-editable! Editing can be a little tricky. By clicking on the line that represents the setting you can select it, it turns blue (see picture). Now the edit button is enabled. Ignore the checkbox for what editting is concerned, that's only for removing planned updates and scans. (This is a premium feature.) I'll need to do some editing today to cover some of your questions. I hope this will answer some of your questions. I think I covered all of your questions now. If you have any questions left or got a couple of new ones. Please post and ask. Regards, Durew
  14. @DrStrange: Could you check whether your computer is turned on and has internet access when the update is supposed to run? If this doesn't help, please start you own topic. With two people with different computers, different settings etcetera in one topic can get confusing for the forum helpers.