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  1. MBAM DOES NOT FAIL. When did you install, intentionally or unintentionally, this toolbar? A legitimate toolbar may not be seen as malware...? also, what are your ESET settings too? maybe too aggressive? You prolly don't want that toolbar anyways...slows you down, and opens more venues for infections. Whisch is likely why ESET caught it. Final word: MBAM DOES NOT FAIL. it just screws up, lol. My humble opinion
  2. Some things definitely change when they upgrade so totally awesomely like they did this time. Perhaps it has altered the way a full scan is run so it does not potentially damage the HD like the old setup did. Perhaps it also needs longer scan time for the first full scan of the new version? That would seem logical to me. Try changing the time for the scheduled scan, and seeing if it repeats.
  3. Hey all, just looking at this thread and feeling behind on the update stuff. So my machine will automatically update to the new version? Glad for that, as I was thinking that would be the simplest. MBAM looking and working great, as always.
  4. No Worries! MBAM is the best, and I've wondered for awhile how they keep this running on a one-time purchase method. Have no fear, MBAM will fix anything that might break when things change over.
  5. Ok thanks, lol. On a side note, when is that release expected to be out? Thanks
  6. This may sound wrong, but here goes. I have heard that MBAM will do a major update soon, and then will not be offering to sell lifetime licenses anymore. My question is, can one buy a number of licences now without activating them? Like for other PCs that you intend to buy in the future and want MBAM Pro without having to pay the yearly subscription? Lol, I know it sounds like I'm trying to cheat this great system, but I'm just wondering.
  7. K, thanks man
  8. OK, thanks! Just another thought: would SecurityKISS be compatible with MBAM? And does anyone here think that SecurityKISS would do the same thing, or at least comparable to, Avast safezone? I don't want to seem to be abusing this support system, but I confess that I really do appreciate having access to your team's large knowledge base!! THANKS!
  9. Oh, so MBAM has anti-spyware capabilities as well? I'm looking for my PC to be a fortress. I know MBAM is great, the best single thing I've ever had, but I'm worried that my personal passwords aren't safe on the net. Worried that they might still be seen/copied. Is MBAM going to be sufficient for protection?
  10. Hi, I have MBAM Pro, and the free version of WinPatrol. I am seriously looking at buying Avast! Internet Security. I am also looking at Spy Bot free, or really any other free anti-spyware software. I am really un-educated as to how an anti-spyware works, so what I'm wondering is: Is there going to be conflicts between MBAM, Avast, WinPatrol, Spy Bot, or any of these combinations? Also, does anyone know the real technicalities of the Avast Safe-Zone? It looks cool, just wondering how much of it is advertising hype Any advice, or previous experiences would be appreciated!!
  11. Hi there, this is interesting. I`ve been told to check that box because I didn`t think that MBAM was completing its scheduled weekly scan, but I couldn`t say without doubt that the PC was on at the time, and not in heavy usage. I`ve since also set it to recover scan if missed by 24 hrs...we`ll see how it goes
  12. OK, thanks. Will do.
  13. Hey there, don't mean to sound ignorant, or be a bother, but I just went to go download the free version of Avast! 2014 and it said it had anti-malware abilities. I'm just wondering whether that interferes with MBAM or not. And if it does, if/how I can get the two to be compatible? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Firefox. I know I gave a vague question. You guys are great here!
  15. So if someone tries to get a legal keylogger on my PC then MBAM would allow it? Since I would NOT like such a thing to happen, I must ask a question: Would Microsoft security Essentials (my current AV) be likely to detect it? Thanks, ardent MBAM supporter