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  1. I have an update to this problem of mine. I remembered that one of the PCs at the church was using wireless so I moved it from the private wireless provided by a Cisco WAP to the guest wireless I setup in the NVG510. Lo and behold I had absolutely no problem getting to the Malwarebytes site, downloading and installing Malwarebytes, then updating it. So the problem is caused by having our Linksys RVS4000 router which provides VPN capability inside the NVG510. We never had a problem when we had our legacy DSL with just a plain modem but then when they switched us to U-Verse and installed that piece of junk NVG510, all our problems started. This is the same as the customers of the company I work for who have AT&T. They all use business class routers and it's a real hassle to get them to work with the NVG510. I've made the NVG510 as transparent as I can so I can't think of anything else to do. I would love to put the AT&T executives in my place so they would then get their technical department to fix the problem or else would provide businesses with a plain modem rather than a modem/router. If you have any ideas, I'd like to hear them. Jonathan
  2. I was asked to try and correct another problem which I'm certain is related to the Malwarebytes problem. There is a media website the church uses and they are no longer able to download any HD or animated PowerPoint files or files of other type. The only one able to be downloaded now are plain slides which are not HD or are just plain text with a picture but no movement at all. In fact, when you view the website's pages that show thumbnails of the slides which are clickable to download them, you can't even view the thumbnails of the HD or animated ones. The places on the pages where the thumbnails are supposed to be are just blank. The non-HD or non-animated slide thumbnails display just fine. I experimented and I found that if I connected to the wireless network of the AT&T modem/router, I had no problem at all viewing and downloading the HD or moving slides. But if I connect to the main wireless or the wired network which is behind the Linksys router (which is behind the NVG510), then the problem exists. So somehow the 2 routers are not playing nice together and are preventing viewing the HD or animated thumbnails or downloading the files. So I believe this is probably the same reason why even though a church computer can connect to the Malwarebyte's server for updates, it can't actually download them. The NVG510 cannot have the router function disabled so it's just a plain modem like you can with good modem/routers, but I have it set up as transparent as it can be. The thing is, the Linksys router needs to be in place because it has VPN capability which church staff use along with myself. If the Linksys were removed so only the NVG510 was in place, no remote access would be possible and they need it. Any ideas?
  3. I did a test the other night and took my work laptop with me which has MWB on it and has never had a problem getting updates wherever I've used it at. I connected it to the church's wireless network and told it to update. Lo and behold it updated without a hitch! So I then tried it on one of the church computers and it got to the same point as always, it connects to the server and shows the size of the update to download with 0% downloaded, and there it stayed until it gave a time-out error message. And I know it has nothing to do with whether you connect to the network by wired or wireless means because a couple of the PCs there are on wireless and they won't download MWB itself or updates (if it's already installed). The only difference I can think of is that the servers and PCs at the church are on a domain and the laptop I brought with is part of a different domain. There are a few GPOs in effect on the church domain but none of them are set to block anything like this and I ought to know because I'm the sole administrator. And there were no GPO changes made prior to this problem starting. The only change was the change of network connection by AT&T. The only thing I can think of to try is to take one of the church PCs and remove it from the domain and see if it will then download MWB. If it will, then I will know that somehow I've missed something and need to dig deeper, though it's odd it would show up only when AT&T changed our outside connection.
  4. That's an excellent suggestion and now that you bring it up, I did try that soon after I first noticed the problem. I brought in a laptop from home that has no trouble with MWB updates, connected it to the network there and tried it. BZZZZT. The thing is, I have serious doubts that AT&T will care whether or not I can get updates to MWB or not.
  5. Here's the traceroute log file. Jonathan traceroute_malwarebytes_cdn.txt
  6. The firewall in the NVG510 is turned off. And while the firewall on the RVS4000 is on, it is set to allow all services from either LAN or WAN to any destination. So I don't see how anything is being blocked. And on the RVS4000 I don't see a way to add websites to an allow list. It looks like you can add services or ports but not websites. So I'm still stuck. Jonathan
  7. I manage the computers at my church which uses AT&T as their ISP (I personally can't stand AT&T). I have MWB installed on all the PCs and servers and it was working just fine. Recently AT&T upgraded their connection as they're doing everywhere to UVerse. And they installed one of those wretched NVG510 modems in place of the old one. We already had a Linksys RVS-4000 in place for a router which we chose so the staff could VPN to it and then do remote work on their office PCs from elsewhere. I had some time getting the Linksys and NVG to work together in some semblance of cooperation, but the one thing that still eludes me is this. I cannot update MWB on any computer now. It seems to connect but the update window just sits there at 0% and finally times out. I have tried various ways to fix this but nothing has worked so far. As it is, I have to be outside the network (like at home) and download the standalone definition file and upload it to Skydrive, then VPN into the church network, connect to a system there and download the file from Skydrive to a shared folder and access that from each computer. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this? Jonathan