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  1. Hey. I recently decided to run a custom scan and checked the box that enables the scan to go after rootkits. While the scan was in progress I had to cancel it and restart my computer. After the restart completed and it went to my homepage where the Malwarebytes window opened and alerted me that it didn't get to download the rootkit driver or something and that it could be as a result of rootkit activity. I chose the reboot option. After I clicked reboot a tiny error message window popped up but I couldn't read and write it down fast enough before the computer began to reboot.Something I've never sen before with Malwarebytes. during the reboot process the window popped up with a scan in progress with the background all black. Thinking it was an error I just shutdown my computer and started it up again. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you. Montauk
  2. Hi John. I'm referring to the paid Premium version of the software yes.
  3. Hey, I recently switched my e-mail service from Windows Live to GMail. How do I let Malwarebytes know of the change? Thank you. Montauk
  5. To whom it may concern, I'm currently using Malwarebytes Premium. As I was surfing the net I noticed that my Malwarebytes icon at the bottom right of the screen has a red icon on it. I right clicked on it and it shows that my "Malicious Website Detection" option isn't checked. I checked on it but nothing happened. I opened it as you will see in the screenshot below. It offers me a chance to fix it. My problem is that no matter how many times I click on "Fix Now", it does nothing. I then went to the small icon on the bottom right again, and the check mark beside "Malicious Website Detection" has been unchecked. I'm not sure what to do. Sincerely, Montauk
  6. Hey. I have been using the Malwarebytes Pro going on 2 years now. For other reasons I had to do a factory restore. When I re-installed it I noticed the new format. I believe that "Pro" has been changed to "Premium".When I right click on a setup or file to scan, there used to be an option to scan using Malwarebytes. Has it been taken out? Thank you.
  7. Thank you daledoc1 for your patience and help.
  8. Sorry I couldn't remove all of the screenshots. You're gonna love this. I don't know how, but I just installed the latest version of firefox and the problem is fixed!
  10. I believe the screenshot is gone now.
  11. What I can't understand is that I've had malwarebytes pro for a little over a year or so. Why now after all that time is it preventing my videos from playing. Everything was fine not too long ago. I apologize for all this but I am no Bill Gates when it comes to computer I can report it, but what do I do to fix it? Like I mentioned, it doesn't block my access to the site. It just blocks the videos I want to view from loading. I'm also curious as to why Avast is included in the message from the malwarbytes at the bottom right of the screen.
  12. Hi daledoc1:) My malwarebytes isn't blocking websites. It's not allowing the videos to load. I just get a black screen and the message at the bottom right of my screen. Below is a link to a screenshot of the message I receive whenever I try to view an xhamster video for example. It's doing the same thing for a countless number other adult video sites. This problem is a recent one. I never had this problem before. You might have to zoom in on the screenshot.
  13. Hey, Recently, I've noticed that my malwarebytes is blocking every adult video I try to downloadf from various adult sites. I understand that these sites are often infected with malware in their videos, but it's only recently that malwarebytes is blocking every video I try to download. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  14. Hey, I am currently using Malwarebytes Pro. I use Windows 7 & with Firefox if that helps. I'm just wondering if someone can tell me how to configure it to get the most out of every scan whether it's Flash scan Quick, or Full? I want' to get the most out of every scan. Sincerely, Montauk