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  1. This will be fixed next update. Thanks for reporting.
  2. Yeah these are false positives with the way rollback rx protects files. It kinda uses rootkit style protections.
  3. Just to make sure this was the windows version correct?
  4. I am not showing any detections on the installer or the files contained within it. Would need more information like a scan log and what we are detecting it as.
  5. Are you using rollback rx? If so uninstall it reboot then reinstall it. That should fix the unknown rootkit detections.
  6. This is fixed already as of db 2016.09.13.08 . Please update your database and restore detections if needed. Thanks!
  7. Can you please follow the instructions here so we can have the information needed to fix this. Thanks!
  8. No problem. There are multiple posts with the same issue on the forum. We even had some of our users report it to norton but no changes so far.
  9. These temp files are created by Norton itself in our directory. We have tried in the past to address this with norton but have been unsuccessful. The files actually contain what looks to be norton definitions. So basically it detects its own def files. It is a fp on part of norton though as its only detecting its own defs and not actual malware.
  10. We may have narrowed this error down the the firefox prefs.js file and a couple of defs. We made some changes this week on some that we found. If you could private message me your prefs.js file i can take a look. C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(random chars + username)\prefs.js its usually located at above location.
  11. fixed next update. Thanks for reporting.!
  12. This will be fixed next update. Thanks for reporting.
  13. This will be fixed next update. Thanks for reporting.
  14. This will be fixed next update. Thanks for reporting.
  15. This is nothing to worry about. The tempstate folder is just a temporary storage folder for cortana. No vital files are there. When mbam went to quarantine the file it no longer existed so it couldnt quarantine it. This detection is saying a gif file which is normally not executable had executable properties. Malware is known to use this. Legit programs sometimes use this though it is not really a good practice to do so. Without the file its hard to say exactly what it was but if it didnt get detected on scans after this one i wouldnt worry about it any longer.