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  1. Please follow Aura's instructions to exclude these from detection. I am closing this thread, If you would like assistance further with this please feel free to open a ticket with the helpdesk and they will assist you.
  2. Please see here:
  3. Thanks! Btw we have dedicated people that monitor MBARW to fix those ASAP..
  4. Thanks. Also MBARW fps need to go in that other forum. A different set of researchers monitor that forum and fix those being still in beta.
  5. Well Mbarw is behaviour based and still a beta. Fps unfortunately may occur with that. We aim to fix all though as quick as possible. We have a system in place to avert critical fps. Our next client version will have a bunch more safeguards in place. The forum here though for the Main MBAM is the quickest way to get something fixed. We monitor this forum 24x7. They are usually fixed very quickly.
  6. I believe this is the file that MBAM fp on. This was already fixed. Are you running the latest defs?
  7. Also please make a separate post for the Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware fp here:
  8. Can you please attach the file being detected by Malwarebytes and if possible a scan log.
  9. Hmm not sure where that would belong. One thing to consider though. Sometimes our defs overlap and hit multiple families. So i may not always be able to fix it.
  10. I fixed the name for the next update. Thanks for letting us know.
  11. This should explain here. Basically we have gotten more agressive on pups.
  12. Glad its sorted. Thanks for confirming!
  13. Please see here: Thanks!
  14. If this is a custom Junction then that could be the issue. Technically the business version should be running in this enviroment. You would have better control over the exclusions.
  15. This is something that is unique to that environment for some reason. This def has been in quite a long time in our database. Something is denying access for our scan on that folder which causes the fp. Maybe try disabling any other security software one by one to see if the detection stops. Is this the free version of MBAM or paid?