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  1. Thanks for the update.
  2. Running well here 8.1 64bit
  3. RIP Very sad indeed.
  4. Will there be any new exclusions to add? I have Kaspersky KIS
  5. ok I uninstalled and reinstalled after using mbam-clean seems up to date now.
  6. mine shows 350698 but says i have the latest definitions
  7. What is the correct db version I can't seem to get mine to update?
  8. What is the correct database version I cant seem to get mine to update?
  9. Runs fast and gets along with KIS perfectly XP SP3 32bit
  10. I had to totally uninstall/reinstall the program using the steps provided here to update the program to database 3809. Kept telling me my database was up to date until I checked the forum.
  11. Sounds great. Thank you all.
  12. Welcome Merjin. Nice to have you here
  13. Congratulations Pieter