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  1. True enough. So you can just do the home page and the forums. Afraid that site is blocked, lol.
  2. Hi, Please enable Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for malwarebytes.org. After all, it seems you are forcing https already, so why not truly enforce it? Especially now that IE 11 supports HSTS as well. Easy enough: # Add six month HSTS header for all users...Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15768000"# If you want to protect all subdomains, use the following header..# ALL subdomains HAVE TO support HTTPS if you use this! # Header always set Strict-Transport-Security: "max-age=15768000 ; includeSubDomains"Yea, that's it. One line to add HSTS support. Cant get easier than that. Thanks, Will
  3. Hi, Yeah I would talk to a lawyer about this too. I would be pissed if this happened to a loved one. SOB needs to be exposed, so I too would like to know whom to stay away from. Thanks, Will
  4. Hi, Bump, plus an update. B) Enjoy, Will
  5. Hi, Good idea. I am going to be using this application a lot. Just started creating my custom list. I do virus/spyware removal for many different clients. So mine will be huge I'm sure before long. Just from one PC by the way, thus far: DellSupport,DellSupport is a process belonging to Dell Support which offers additional support and update features for your Dell computer or laptop. Not required!SpyShredder,SpyShredder is installed on your computer without your permission through the use of Trojans and other malware. Displays fake spyware and virus infections.Windows update loader,RBOT-QE WORM Spyware!Yahoo! Pager,Yahoo Messenger. No need to have Yahoo Messenger run on startup.Adobe Photo Downloader,Adobe Photoshop Elements versions 3 to 5. Not required for software to work correctly!avp,Trojan and Backdoor.Corel Photo Downloader,Corel Photo Album 6. Not required for software to work correctly.ehTray,Microsoft Media Center. Not required for software to work correctly.HostManager,A component essential to the operation of most current AOL software. Can be safely disabled however!igfxhkcmd,Related to Intel_Chipset. Installed by the Intel 810 and 815 chipset graphic drivers. Not required.igfxpers,Related to Intel_Chipset. Installed by the Intel 810 and 815 chipset graphic drivers. Not required.IntelMeM,Intel Modem Event Monitor Application. Not required for modem to work correctly.iTunesHelper,Apple iTunes. Not required for iTunes to function correctly!MDNS,Added by the SPYBOT.JPB worm with backdoor and DDOS abilities. Spreads via weak network shares and vulnerabilities.smgr,Trojan and Backdoor.WinAble,Win32.X. Trojan and Backdoor.PlaxoUpdate,Plaxo enables you to automatically update your address book. Not required to run on system startup!Aim6,AOL Instant Messenger. No need to run on system startup.Insider,Trojan and Backdoor.ioqo,Unknown spyware!ISMModule8,Hyperlinks Rotator Adware and Browser Hijacker!ISMPack7,InternetSpeedMonitor Adware and Spyware.MyWebSearch Email Plugin,My Web Search malware. Internet Explorer toolbar and part of the Fun Web Products suite of utilities.SfKg6w,Unknown adware and spyware. Uses random file names.Uaol,Unknown adware and spyware. Uses random file names and tries to trick user into thinking it is part of AOL.WinTouch,Spyware and Trojan Downloader. Popups!Take Care, Will
  6. Excellent, working great! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
  7. Anything would do really, but I would prefer xml if possible? Do you do hashing of startup items or just by name? Also, why do you stop the user from resizing the window? And you have a version history on the about button but you only show updates for this version, why not show them all? It is suppose to be history after all, not current. After all you already do just that for RegASSASSIN, so why not startuplite too? And last but not least perhaps the let us known link for reporting startups should point to http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=33 instead of your contact page. Right, since that is where you want users to post their startups.. Just a thought... And gets more users to your forum..
  8. Hi, First off, thanks a lot, program is great. Just one request and sorry not sure where to post this... Is there anyway you could please add functionality to where we can use our own custom list. Perhaps if a file, ex. custom.txt, is found in the same location as the application then the application will check the computer with what is in this list as well as the default ones. The file would just need standard formating rules. Surely you do something like that for the default lists that you include with the program. Would just be nice to use your own listings as well. Take Care, Will