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  1. realy nice reply bros firefx and pw bro thnx fr ur guidness.. and when u guys ll b announced the last day of 1.75/ one bug that i found in 2 that when we disabled malware bytes and exit it.. when ever we opn it fr scan etc it ll run again and shows icon in near the clock.. and no matter whn u clik to diabled to block wesite ets it ll start again..
  2. fst of all thanx bro. and bro i have version 1.75 it ll update in ti 2 or i must update it manually?? and if i jst want to use 1.75 still its wrking?update etc cz it took only few mints to scan rather new one malware took almost 1 hour.. thnx in advance
  3. hi m jst want to ask in malware version 2 have new scan options like hyper scan etc etc bt old version have difrnt names of that options now the old options name changed quick scan---- full ---- flash scan--- now i instaled latest one and i want to knw which option is which one? and now what names now have scan options that i usualy use in old one if i want to scan full then which option is in new malware..plz help thnx
  4. i update it v 12.06.05 still it ddct virus .. hope nxt update ll come
  5. i also face same problm my vlc version is 1.1.11 its zip file plz chek it m using it since 2 years... and now its virus i dnt knw y...