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  1. Hi, Any chance to have the 3 bugs described in this thread fixed one of these days ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Both problems still there in version 2.04.1028. Very annoying and starting to be very irritating. Also, it's still impossible to select multiple files when adding files to Malware Exclusions. In order to implement this, the developer just has to change a single property of the Open File dialog box. Easy and quick. You don't need months to implement this. Thanks in advance for fixing all 3 issues asap.
  3. Still not fixed in current beta. I have also noticed that it's impossible to select multiple files in a given folder. If I want to exclude say, twenty files in a folder, I have to click twenty times on the Add file button. Awkward. The Windows API function calling the selection dialog has an option to allow multiple selection and the resulting filelist is then easy to retrieve.
  4. Bump! Not fixed in version .
  5. Please note that this problem has not been already reported. This is not the same as the "duplicate entries" problem.
  6. In the main window, the "General Settings" button is sometimes highlighted only when hovering below it, not over it, espeically when th emouse cursor comes down from the top of the window. So the user first thinks that the button is disabled.
  7. Hi, Now MBAM is asking me if it should update the signature database (every day since this is the value I selected in Update Settings). However, I'd like it to work as previously and update the database automatically. I didn't see any option for this.
  8. Hi, Just noticed the following issues : 1. For an unknown reason, it's impossible to exclude some folders or files. A few examples : C:\Windows\Fonts ("The folder name is not valid" ???) or C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Registry.pol or C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User\Registry.pol ("Path does not exist" ???). 2. There's an obvious design problem using wildcards when excluding files. For example, if I want to exclude all .TMP files in a given folder, I'll try to enter "C:\folder1\folder2\*.tmp" . But this will merely open the relevant folder and allow me to select existing .TMP files. Wrong behavior. When using wildcards, the user wants to specify existing files or files that are not existing yet. This is actually the purpose of wildcards. I just want to skip all TMP files that may ever appear in that folder. Current files may be temporary and may no longer exist in the future. So what should be stored in the settings is actually "C:\folder1\folder2\*.tmp" and not the names of specific files, which doesn't make sense in that case. Regards.
  9. And of course, wildcards should be supported. I'm new to Malwarebytes and I'm surprised by this out-of-date user interface that looks like the programs I was writing many, many years ago. This software is certainly useful and effective but I'm sure it could get more registered customers with an updated user interface. Anyway, wildcards support, edit button and path pasting capability should be there as they are in most AV programs.
  10. By the way, there should be an Edit button in that tab. If you make a mistake you have to remove the item and then go down the folder tree again... .
  11. The Add button in the Ignore list tab opens a dialog box where the path to the item (folder or file) that should be ignored cannot be pasted. Since MBAM is designed to work with another AV program, I should be able to copy each path from the exclusion list of my AV program (ESET) and directly paste it into the Ignore list tab instead of having to develop the whole folder tree each time which is rather awkward. Any chance to have this fixed ? It's just a matter of using the standars Open File dialog instead of using that old thing from the past... Thanks in advance.
  12. This might be related to the "Start protection module with Windows" option. I guess that if it is enabled, MBAM will disregard the state of the 2 protection options.
  13. In which case I will keep the filesystem protection option active if this doesn't affect performance which usually happens when double checking executables. If you tell me that it's not the case, it's ok for me. No need to bother anyone with this. But the option is not sticky and the development team can reproduce this any time.
  14. Hi, Using Malwarebytes Pro (latest version) under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit as a complement to ESET NOD32 antivirus. So I don't need/want to activate the Filesystem protection option. However, it is automatically re-enabled when I reboot the system. Bug or feature ? -- Patrick