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  1. The system was a Toshiba laptop running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1. Prior to any software work I had run full hardware diagnostics including an Extended Drive Fitness Test. The HDD was formatted NTFS. Prior to running Aboutbuster, I had run Smitrem, a McAfee command line virus scan with the 4/28 BETA DATs, CWShredder, and Ad-Aware. I had also run Dial-A-Fix to fix permissions issues as well as When I ran Aboutbuster, it seemed to be running normally until it started scanning for infected files, at which point it went on to happily delete the contents of the C:\Windows\System32 directory. I could see it failing to delete certain files that were in use, including lsass.exe. I was able to go into the directory and verify that all the files up to where I aborted it were gone, aside from those that were in use.The greatest oddity about the system was that it was running Norton GoBack. This is actually how I repaired the damage done. I still have the system on my desk, so can provide you with any other information that you think would be helpful in tracking down the issue. I was running Aboutbuster 6.0, not 6.01, but as I see others reported the issue with 6.01 I don't think that's related.
  2. Unfortunately I must agree with this individual. Moments ago Aboutbuster proceeded to scan as normal, then went on to attempt to delete EVERY file in C:\Windows\System32\. These were not ADS entries, these were the actual files. I aborted the scan when it reached M, after seeing it fail to remove lsass.exe as the file was in use. I browsed to the folder, and indeed all of the files above M that weren't in use at the time were gone. I saw in the window that it had deleted kerberos.dll, a known-good file. The windows installation was quite thoroughly destroyed and had to be restored from a backup.Possibly related: The system had Norton Systemworks, thus Norton Goback and Norton Protected recycle bin, installed. The system was not HEAVILY infected, but had a good amount of spyware on it. I had already run scan and removal with the McAfee command line scanner as well as a full scan and remove with Ad-Aware, which had a pending delete for 4 files. I had also run Dial-A-Fix, and a permission repair before performing any spyware removal. I was running Aboutbuster 6.0, not 6.01. This is definitely a critical data loss bug that needs to be investigated and repaired. I've been running Aboutbuster for a long time without any problems and found it a useful tool,