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  1. Yes the problem comes back immediately. The computer can't read the disc, even though I know this disc worked fine just a few months ago. No scratches or anything. Maybe the drive is damaged? :\ Yeah I'll upgrade to the latest beta. The changelog makes it sound like it fixes the problem with not being able to scan in paths with Apostrophes in the names and things like that. Here's hoping!
  2. Well this is absolutely bizarre. The problem was that I had a Windows 7 Home Premium installation disc in my DVD drive????? I removed it and Malwarebytes opened in seconds like normal. Why on earth would that cause Malwarebytes to take several minutes to open? Oddly enough, it also caused another program, SMPlayer, to take about 45 seconds to open instead of 1 second.
  3. Oh, and it used to take about 5 seconds, just for comparison.
  4. Today, something very strange started happening: Every time I try to open Malwarebytes, it takes 3 minutes before it properly loads. Until that happens, there's an icon in the system tray, but all I can do is mouse-over it, and the database version is completely blank, as shown in the attached picture. I have already done a clean removal and re-install as shown in the pinned topic here: What could be causing this after a clean re-install? I'm running Windows 7 64-bit Also, is there a 64-bit version of Malware Bytes? I can't seem to find it.
  5. Alright. Well thanks for all the help in this topic!
  6. Basically, it would be a much bigger inconvenience to me to rename the folders with apostrophes in them than, for instance, moving whatever I want to scan to another folder while I scan it. But I don't consider either one to be an ideal solution. Is there anything else I can do instead?
  7., say, an apostrophe? like this character ' I just tried a different subfolder without an apostrophe in it on the D drive and it worked. Is that seriously the problem? What other characters cause this problem? Is there any way to fix that problem without renaming the folders? I have many folders with apostrophes in them. And, if I start a context scan on a folder without an apostrophe in the name, but several subfolders have apostrophes in them, will the context scan still run? Will it skip the folders with apostrophes in their names?
  8. ......ok I think I found what the actual issue is, but now I'm even more confused. I have a C: drive, solid state drive with the Operating System and drivers, along with a few non-essential programs. I have a D: drive, 1 terabyte standard drive with most of my programs on it. I also have several external hard drives and a USB flash drive. The context scan will work on everything EXCEPT the D: drive. Which of course is where I'd need to use it the most. So... what the hell???? Malwarebytes is installed on the C drive, x86 program files folder (I'm running 64-bit Windows 7). It always runs with Administrative privileges.
  9. The only other thing I'm running is Microsoft Security Essentials, and I did disable that when I did the previous clean re-install... I guess I'll try it again.
  10. The check of the D Drive, which is where I have most programs installed, took over 3 hours. It kept freezing for 10-15 minutes at a time during Stage 4 of the process. The check of the C Drive, the solid state drive where the operating system and drivers are, along with a few non-essential programs, took less than 20 minutes. I've attached both CHKDSKResults logs here. CHKDSKResults - D Drive.txt CHKDSKResults - C Drive.txt
  11. I will do that. I have my main solid state drive and an additional hard drive. I'll post logs from both check disks.
  12. Which is the native one? .CSV or .PML? I guess I'll zip both up native
  13. About 88 new events showed up the instant I opened up Malware Bytes. Bizarrely, several of them seem to be from my Nvidia GEforce Experience tool? As I saved the first log, another 20 events showed up. The forum will only let me upload the .XML format, which was the 3rd log I made. process monitor log.XML
  14. Oh wow I've got 100 events listed as Access Denied. What the hell??? I guess I'll see if a new one shows up as I try to change the setting in Malware Bytes
  15. What kind of odd stuff do you mean? I will run the Process Monitor program