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  1. The detected objects: NaverAdminApi.exe, Registry Victor Schedule.job NaverAdminApi.exe -> http://naver.com (the popular korean portal site) Registry Victor Schedule.job > http://www.registryvictor.com (this software is equal to registry winner.) I think that due to heuristics scanning. You will need to exclude following files. The results on Virustotal.com: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\NVC\NaverAdminApi.exe (Spyware.OnlineGames) https://www.virustot...sis/1335233679/ C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\Registry Victor Schedule.job (Rogue.RegistryVictor) https://www.virustot...sis/1335233647/
  2. 1. what's the different between both? 290=Heuristics/Extra 291=Heuristics/Shuriken I know that 291 string is scanning engin name. then what is 290? 290 means that scanning in addition to Heuristic.Shuriken method? 2. Context Menu Issue. when i set korean in the language option. there was not changed "Scan with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" text of context menu. it's still appear in english. what's problem?