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  1. Guys/Gals you are getting off topic, efficacy, scanning times etc are not the issue, MSE does not update, that is the problem. I have been to the MSE Answers Forum and like most fixes in the Answers Forum, (IMHO) they are convoluted and often do not work. I still have MSE as my AV but the definitions are now over a week old. And, BTW I totally agree with captfbgnet who wrote that MSE is user friendly and does not take over the PC. Cheers Daniel
  2. Hi I have run the scan and attached the files. I appreciate any help you can give. Regards Daniel Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Hi Since my post I completely uninstalled MBAM and it still did not update, even a manual update did not install, so I figure it is a MSDE issue and not MBAM. Cheers Daniel
  4. Hi I think you are probably correct, MS seem to have a lot of problems with the "Essentials" programs. Cheers Daniel
  5. Hi Since installing Maslwarebytes Premium on my VIst PC Microsoft Security Essentials upates fail with a "internet connection failed messgae" Is there a fix for this? Thanks Daniel