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  1. This is nothing new. We were a reseller of malwarebytes up until a year ago when they refused to believe their path exclusions was affecting network drives even though it was "excluded". We still have hundreds of users who upgraded to V2 from the old licenses we sold them, and at least once a day we get a call about how the database reports its out of date, and the "Fix now" button does nothing. Rebooting or reinstalling is usually the only fix. No excuse
  2. This seems to be a common problem. Malwarebytes staff, please look into this. There are countless threads on this issue with no resolution other than rebooting or reloading Malwarebytes. It is broken and needs troubleshooting internally. We sold hundreds of computers a year with malwarebytes premium installed on them and a majority of them see this problem.
  3. How do we get a response from the help desk in a timely manner? We are waiting sometimes upwards of 2 days for simple answers.
  4. Unfortunately, I came here to try to get help. We are a reseller as well as a malwarebytes user(We develop accounting software). We are getting responses about once every day or two and it is rendering our software useless. We simply don't have time to call hundreds of customers who use this software to tell them not to update to the latest version. We are currently taking them on a call by call basis when they complain they can't use it.
  5. Im not sure if this is related to the mapped drive issue we are experiencing with ignore lists on 1.7, but we are seeing a similar result. Our software runs across a mapped drive, but the ignore list no longer seems to be functional. It causes the entire system to lock up, forcing us to reboot the system again. Version does not appear to have this issue.