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  1. Well, as we know. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For those of you who prefer to hunt your turkey as opposed to buying a frozen turkey at your local grocer. I do believe these 2 guys might teach you a thing or two about how it is done...
  2. Hahaha! (Delayed reaction... )
  3. Oh wow! That is totally awesome! Gives new meaning to crank up the jam...
  4. An original. Love the shadow dancer. Story of my life...
  5. Ooo! Ooo! Lindsey. Here's one of my favorites.
  6. Oh my! No wonder he hasn't replied to my recent email. Randy was such a great guy. I cherish the many emails we shared talking about this and that. My deepest condolences go out to his family. Randy, you will not be forgotten. R.I.P. my friend.
  7. Excellent! Thank you for the added info, daledoc1. The software was purchased prior to Sep 1, 2015. I had both Key and ID. Mission complete! Realtime protection is up and running. Thank you kindly for your assistance, Donna
  8. H2 (channel) Ancient Aliens > "The Da Vinci Conspiracy"
  9. Hi there, I recently had to reset my sons W8.1 back to factory. He has a lifetime subscription for MBAM that I have the product key to. The only download I can find is asking me to choose my license term. Is there another download specifically for lifetimers? Also, seems the forum software is having word wrap issues. I get the scroll bar at the bottom of my screen as I type. Thank you, Donna
  10. I have restored a few computers to factory condition using the Recovery Manager that were headed for the trash bin due to heavy infection, then donated them to Church/Community local youth groups. That could be an option for you. What is the make, model number and Operating System installed? Donna
  11. Cats are everywhere... :D :D

  12. Oh really? I thought you may have to use the free AVG license on the same system that MBAM Pro was purchased for. That will be perfect for the neighbor lady who stopped in while I was there picking up the laptop that had installed the free version since she couldn't afford to pay. These elderlies (they live in one of those "seasoned citizen" hi-rises for low cost living) are so good to me at Christmas time and through out the year (I deliver their mail) this can be my way to thank them back for the joy they bring me on a daily basis. I don't mind one bit dishing out a few bucks. Hopefully when I am their age someone will return the favor. Thanks again for the idea!
  13. Oooooo! Providence I say! If I had waited one more day to pick up the laptop I may have missed the opportunity to get MBAM Pro at a cost she could afford on her limited budget. I may just fork out the $15. myself. She's more than worth it! Unfortunately, she recently had AVG installed, and not the free version. Thanks daman1! You guys are the bestest!
  14. The MS Gurus were not thinking of the average user when they developed that OS. Thank you for the link. The owner of this laptop is an elderly lady and as the OP in the linked to topic, she does not like W8 and wanted me to install W7 for her. She's not totally inept with the computer so maybe if I can get her allow me to make the W8 work a bit more like Windows 7, she may be a bit more content, though I think at this time talking her into a subscription of MBAM Pro is a must!! Thank you gentlemen. I truly appreciate your help and suggestions. Have a nice day! Donna
  15. Oh wow! 2000! You win! Truly, I have never seen this many objects found with MBAM before now (shakering her head in amazement). It only took about 20 mins for them to be removed, though it takes forever for the laptop to shut down and reboot. Thank you gents. Very nice of you to offer. I think I should be ok. I am a recent grad of GeekU. My only problem is that this laptop is a W8. I'm a bit lost trying to find my way around this system, so this is going to be very educational for me. Donna