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  1. The IP address that MBAM was trying to connect to that ZoneAlarm blocked was Don't know if that helps anyone. If you have another computer, you could try it from another computer on the same network.
  2. This happened to me when ZoneAlarm was blocking the connection from going out.
  3. I've had this problem for about a week. I haven't used this computer in about a month before that. I had 1.38 (or 1.39, not sure), then I upgraded to 1.40, it asked me to restart the computer, so I did. When it come back up, I ran MBAM again and looked at how new the definitions were. Database version: 2551 Date: 8/3/2009. Like I said, it was about a week ago so the date when I did all this was 8-18 or 8-20. So I tried updating and it didn't work. I received the 732 Error. When I did all that, I had IE7. I just upgraded to IE8 an hour ago (it kept bothering me about a "Critical Update" so I did it just to shut it up). But my primary Internet browser is Firefox 3. Hahaha, just as I'm writing this, I thought of one last thing. Maybe this will help others, maybe not. I have ZoneAlarm installed on this computer, but I don't have it set to start up with it. I have configured it to allow my commonly used programs that access the internet, to access the internet. Pro and Con about ZoneAlarm: Even when the icon in the corner by the clock isn't visible, it's still loaded and protecting the computer. Anyways, long story short, it allowed the older version of MBAM to access the internet to update, but when I updated to 1.40, ZoneAlarm didn't recognize the program and blocked it. I had to run ZoneAlarm and configure it to allow MBAM to update, and it worked! I guess my advice is to double check ANY firewalls you have installed. Even if they aren't running. This could be Windows Firewall (might even want to add MBAM to the exceptions list), ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security, CA Internet Security, etc.