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  1. I have been doing all my own trobleshooting/fixing for about 4 years. I say that not as 'bragging' but I keep my PC pretty clean. i don't have ANY messenger programs, nor do I have any other 'extras' running either. All I have is my pop-stoper, my A/V which is PC Cillin(excellent btw) and that's it. I have a old dinosaur Dell 500, run IE6 (don't care to update to 7) use CCleaner at the end of the day when I shut down, do run my malware/spy/virus from PC Cillin---finds only the tracking cookies and I clear those. I also have a little program called "Cookie Jar" and at the end of the evening I clean those out. I even go to my Windoze file, to cookies and check in there for cookies that got past the jar, delete those and I'm pretty clean. I have run HJT just as precaution and nothing is there that shouldn't be. I defrag every month so I'm about as operational as I can be. Like I said, I keep the PC running as clean as can be. BTW, that CCleaner is one of the best programs I have ever found not only for the cleaning of the unnecessary mb's but it did a heck of a job on my registry which I have not cleaned AT ALL! Could you imagine why there wasn't over 400+ things it fixed! I've been into my registry, you know that 'neather land' where most fear to tread, but I've done well in making changes etc. My OS btw is a dinosaur too: WIN98SE. LOL I'm upgrading soon to a new CPU that a teck fella I know sent me gratis from the place where he is the IT man and it has WinXP, SP2. I say all this to mention this little 'thingy' I've noticed turning up in my toolbar: this little grey boxes open but are blank even when I'm going from browser to browser and if nothing is opened I may come back and find a half dozen or more of them. I just click on them and they disappear. It doesn't cause me any problems with browsing or any of the other functions, there just there. Any thoughts? And please keep in mind the intro I gave so please don't suggest I run a HJT. Read above. All that has been done. Also, I've noticed that depending upon a flash player in a site I'm getting that pain in the arse effect where the video jerks and or is out of sync. I only have the adobe flash on mine and I've been to site to test it as the current version. Yet other sites I go to (which come to thnk of it they may use the WinPlayer) it plays fine. I just tried a youtube vid and it really depends. I realize too that it could be a issue with say my processor, maybe becasue of age or maybe the vid card in this Dell (new in 2000) Thoughts, comments, suggestions. Thank You Auspatriotman