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  1. I'll try tomorrow, Thanks for now. You can mark me off as a job well done.
  2. Wow... that was freakishly fast. No wonder you're hailed as the awesomeness. Running malbytes now and reinstalling apps. Quick question, so i tried to run hijackthis off of an external hd during this process and now the comp isnt recognizing it when i plug it in. Could this be a result of w/e was in my system or something separate?
  3. Also the .bat file vanished from desktop
  4. It said file deleted successfully, then it said combofix was uninstalled. then the windows closed.
  5. I dont see it under start menu or program files, no.
  6. Results in text Win32kDiag.txt avenger.txt
  7. So the problem I've been having seems pretty common as of late. All started with AVcure.exe installing its self I quickly removed the program and went searching for any other problems. So i found D.exe and f.exe were running, searched for them and only found the prefetcheds, removed those and removed the programs from the startup in MSconfig, also found the msa.exe and msb .exe files and deleted those. Other than that I've had the same 'you may not have the appropriate permissions' problem with S&D/Hijackthis/kerspkey/MalBytes/adawear I've used fr33 to open up malbytes but it closed down as soon as i hit scan and i get the permissions report the next time i try to open. I've been browsing other peoples threads on this and started with running avenger and Win32kdig and heres the results, any help would be great. Oh just found grep.cfxxe and pv.cfxxe running not sure what they are but yeah. and there was a nircmd.cfxxe when i tried to run combofix in safe mode, and no i'm not typeing the extention wrong its cfxxe comand. THANKS AGAIN!!!
  8. I have this same problem, any idea what the miracle solution was that allowed you to scan? This problem started for me when AVcure.exe installed its self and started making havoc. Ive since deleted avcure, msa.exe, msb.exe, d.exe, f.exe manually. But still get the problem that youve been working one while trying to open Malwearbites, Kasprskey, S&D. I've dropped the maba.exe into the fr33 program which fixes it long enough for me to open it, but after i start a scan it closes then the permissions problem happens again. I've tried to recreate lumas fix with a no go. Any further advice?