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  1. I have the previous Premium version which is supposed to update automatically. Every time I open it (without any warning anywhere else) it says I have no real time protection. I check it, it looks fine but when I look again a few minutes later it has gone back to no real time protection again. There is also a fix it link on the page that does not work. Would be glad of some help please. mygoose
  2. When I started my PC it gave all the appearance of starting normally and then got the dreaded message that Windows did not start successfully. It gave some options that were to let Windows start normally which I did. It counted down 29 secs and then went back to the Windows not start successfully message. Another option was to go to the last known good configuration but that just returned me to the Windows not start successfully message. I tried Safe Mode and that produced a page of rows of -: Multi (0) disk (0) ;partition (1)\ Windows\System, 32\ Drivers……….. These rows stuck on the screen and I had to turn off the PC. Thjere were two other options but I did not know what they do Safe Mode with Networking Safe Mode with Command Prompt On the boot up screen there is Esc -= Boot Menu F1 = Set Up and F10 = System Recovery Esc took me back the Windows not starting message F1 took me to a set up screen F10 appeared not to work. I have some important documents in My Documents that I do not want to lose. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  3. Can anyone help me please? I use Orange Webmail and my inbox is being flooded with hundreds of “undelivered emails” messages and I don’t know how to block them. I am deleting them as they arrive but can hardly keep up and am worried I will overload the storage and lose important messages off the other end. I have run Malwarebytes and Avast. Thanks mygoose
  4. Thanks. I did not get round to going to the Microsoft support forum but I have fixed it. It was an add-on:- avast! Online Security AVAST Software a.s. Browser Helper Object aswWebRepIE.dll As soon as I disabled it everything is running just fine. Thanks for help mygoose
  5. Thanks The link in your email led me to a page that said Sorry we could not find that. I'd really rather not do this as there is nothing wrong with my PC or Malwarebytes and I haven't had any adware, malware, viruses etc. for ages. My feeling is that it is only a small glitch and I recall pressing the wrong key or something but cannot remember exactly what I did. Thanks for help. mygoose
  6. It's very good of you to have a go at this. I do hope someone more knowledgeable than us will help as I think it is only a small glitch and it is causing me a big headache. In reply to your specific points:- I don't think it's the keyboard but I did try your suggestion with a different physical keyboard and made no difference. I am not happy with on-screen keyboards. I did manage to copy and paste an address in on the odd occasion but for what I am trying to do I need two windows open and when I opened the tab for the second window the whole lot disappeared. I have another browser (Chrome) but I need IE for what I am trying to do. Thanks for help
  7. Can anyone help me with this please? I am unable to use my PC. I have done a repair of IE7 and then a complete re-install but it is still the same. When I open my home page instead of my usual coming up in the address bar I get this:- Then IE7 disappears as soon as I start to type www Could this have anything to do with it please? mygoose
  8. SOLVED thank you by right-clicking any blank part of the taskbar, clicking on Toolbars and ensuring Quick Launch is selected. mygoose
  9. IE7 opens OK but it disappears as soon as I start to type www in the address bar. I am running XP SP3. Can anyone help please? mygoose
  10. My taskbar quick launch icons are suddenly missing. I have tried to drag them down from the desktop as I did originally but they won’t stay. The icon that takes you back to the desktop is missing altogether so I cannot even try to drop that one back. I am running XP Can anyone help please? mygooose
  11. Thanks again exile360 I really do appreciate your special help. mygoose
  12. exile360 very many thanks for all of that. I wasn't actually able to do it. However, this being an HP laptop it had loads of pre-installed stuff that were not related to the printer. I have uninstalled everything with a sniff of HP and the message has gone. Peace, perfect peace. Thanks again for help mygoose
  13. I am running IE7 on XP SP3 and keep getting messages that IE7 is running with add-ons disabled but when I look at them they are all enabled. Can anyone help please? mygoose
  14. I would like some help with this please. It is making the PC almost unusable. Thanks mygoose
  15. I really would be grateful for some help with this please. It is the most awful nuisance. Thanks mygoose