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  1. Figure I would give back to the forum since I read many solutions and got ideas here. I had the Windows Security Center pop up malware today. I've had this before and previously simply installed Malwarebytes and easily got rid of it. I don't know if it evolved or if I had a multiple entity infection, but Malwarebytes would not run. I tried to perform a unin/reinstall and the software would not complete the process, it hung every time. I would click the icon and the hourglass would stay for 10 secs or so and then disappear. I tried the run devmgmt.msc fix looking for hidden devices in the Non-Plug and Play Drivers, none of the listed drivers were found. I tried booting in safe mode, no help. First off, my symptoms were the standard Windows Security Center pop ups, and also three porntube icons on my desktop. Three of them would appear randomly despite my deleting them. I did not visit this site, but honestly I was doing "online research". I immediately tried malwarebytes and also Superspy. They would not run when selected. I jumped into changing naming conventions and still no solution. I'd like to point out that most of the posts out there on the file structure and registry entries are outdated. I found not a single entry under the suggested titles. Anyways, my final fix was to completely remove and then reinstall malwarebytes. I would delte all I could in reg mode and then boot in safe mode and run the uninstall. I was still getting application freeze when running windows add/remove programs in reg mode. I had to delete the registry entries in reg mode and run the uninstall in safe mode. I had several versions since I had performed multiple install attempts under different naming conventions. I don't remember an exact order, but keep at it. Eventually I had all the versions removed. I then performed a fresh install and PRIOR to running!!! Renamed the executable file from mbam.exe to something else. I also saved the program file under a different name and gave the software installation a different name. I also did not add a desktop icon or quick launch icon. I don't know what matters, but somehow the malware obviously recognizes the software and disables it. Anyways, there is hope. Just attempt to remove all aspects of previous malwarebytes installs, including regedit files and perform a new install inconspicuously (naming convention). Goodluck, and I hope this post can help atleast one aggrevated soul. Chris Chris