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  1. Thanks guys regards, MaB
  2. Hi, Confirmed here too Regards, MaB
  3. Confirmed, thx Bruce Cheers, MaB
  4. Hi, gmer executable flagged as trojan Regards, MaB
  5. Hi, Great Job, great product and thank you very much Regards, MaB
  6. Hi Bruce, You are right as it is a custom run entry but it's not the only one on my comp. Happy to be the first one to report it . Don't worry i can add them to exclusion Regards, MaB
  7. Hi Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.31Version de la base de donn
  8. Hi, I wish you a happy birthday Marcin
  9. Hi all, Updated through builtin updater without a trouble RT protection started normally Congrats guys Regards, MaB
  10. You are welcome Bruce 1289 do the job regards, MaB
  11. Hi, MBAM detecting IceSword driver as Rootkit.agent
  12. Hi, Many games hooks directx dll to receive input from user and this a method for keylogging too Regards, MaB
  13. Hi, Sorry Bruce i forgot this post MBAM was flagging folders created by Spycop to fool some malware Removed this folders and MBAM is now silent Regards, MaB
  14. Hi, Fast scan using this db found 2 nasties, here is log made by MBAM in developer mode :
  15. Hi Josh, Welcome and happy to see you here MBAM is a great piece of software Regards, MaB