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  1. digitalundernet - Are you wanting information on how to write your own analysis program, or are you wanting information on how to analyze malware (for example figure out the code samples, see what IP it's connecting to, etc.)? I think I understand your question, and if it's the latter you're looking for, I'd be interested in the same info. \\ACB
  2. The issue seems to happen when I post the word W_G_E_T (without the underscores), or I try to post the URL that is attached in the text file. I'm going to PM fat_dcuk for help, but thought someone else might eb able to help if I posted here.
  3. I am getting a 501 error when I try to post in the Rogue AV forum... seeing if it's an issue here, or something with the content of my message. Method Not Implemented POST to /forums/index.php not supported. \\ACB
  4. Sorry, looks like the attachment didn't upload...
  5. This program is detected as Trojan.Generic, but it's actually a legitimate component of a utility from Symantec (Cleanwipe) designed to remove traces of Symantec Endpoit Protection when uninstalls fail. The tool can only be obtained from tech support, but I can provide you a copy if it would help in further analysing the file. Virustotal actually reports 12/41, but I'm confident this file isn't a trojan. Please let me know if I can provide more info. \\ACB