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  1. The reinstall and activation seems to have worked. I will monitor and if it recurs will work on the next step. Thanks Again for the quick response. Terry
  2. I have this message and the Real-Time Protection: States, Malicious Website Protection disabled, Malware Protecton enabled. what should I do? clicking on "Fix Now" did not do anything. Thanks Terry
  3. Thanks, Have a good evening.
  4. I just ran a full scan on my computer and Malewarebytes found a lot of entries with this name. "Pup.MyWebSearch" They are located in a lot of locations on the computer. I have selected them all but have not deleted them all. I really had not been having problems with the machine. I searched the forum for this and did not get any prior information. Please let me know how I should proceed. Delete all selected? Or somthing else. Thanks
  5. I have checked task manager and there are no items running major CPU time. 2-3% only at any time for any one and usually not more than 3-5 total at any time. Memory is usually at ~32% untilized. So I think I may be hardware. I am planning to take it to a service center to have them take a look. I will post a clarification hear for posterity when / if i get additional information. May take a few days though. Thanks for the help Terry
  6. It is only a little better. I purchased McAfee and have a subscription that renews in April of 2011. Terry
  7. I was not able to find an exclusions area to set. I am not able to find the version I am running. The console says McAfee Internet Security. Do you have any suggestions on how to do exclusions? Terry
  8. I actually selected to not start MBAM with Windows, restarted the computer and it seems to run better. Does it need to be fully removed? or just disabled? Terry
  9. A couple of things. Earlier I said I was not running MBAM Pro, well I checked and I am and did not realize that. But, other than the extremely slow process both McAfee and MBAM seem to run. I check for programs that were running CPU a lot and there are none, only a few at 2-3%. Half the physical memory seems to be available. Is there any diagnostic programs that will help. I have run the Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool and it says everything is ok. Terry
  10. I have tried the items and nothing seems to help. Do you have any other ideas? Terry
  11. A lot of those instructions seemed to refer to Windows Vista. I have Windows 7 are the instructions the same? Terry
  12. Quite a while now. It still seems to work but very slow.
  13. My wifes Laptop is not running MBAM Pro. I have MBAM Pro on my computer but not her's. I have not done anything relative to exclusions and the McAfee does not seem to look like is described in the instructions I am not running that version I don't believe. I have the full version of it though. I don't see anywhere to put in exclusions. Terry
  14. Here are the 3 files. Will watch for a reply. Thanks Terry Attach.txt DDS.txt
  15. I have a Toshiba Satelite L455 Laptop running Windows 7. It is a Celeron 900 at 2.20 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. Hard Drive is has 46.5 GB of data and has 175GB of free space. When I first got this laptop it ran great but it has gotten really slow. Infact if spend more time waiting for it to respond to a mouse click than I can work. Can't hardly type for the long response times. Does this sound like a Virus, Malware or some other type of system problem? Can you please direct me to a good place to start evaluating this? I have it set up next to this desktop unit. Thanks. Terry