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  1. As i said above it works now after it did a scan. thanks for the help. :-)
  2. Now it's working database 2014.10.14.05. This was after it ran a scan.
  3. Nope never got that message.
  4. scan failed to run successfully is what i get. Tried again it updated again and now is running a scan but i still get Malicious website protection disabled., Malware protection enabled.
  5. Ok rebooted waited for system to fully load i get a a message asking me to allow MBAM i do and then a pop up saying protection is disabled. How do i add an attachment to prove to you i am not lying?
  6. Just did that and still says the same as before disabled.
  7. done that three times already and it still does not work, and that's just since i posted just above you.
  8. i am having the same problem with Malicious Website Protection is disabled. i have rebooted, checked for updates, gone to settings, DETECTION and PROTECTION and change MALICIOUS WEBSITE PROTECTION to ENABLED still get Malicious Website Protection is disabled. this is on a Win 7 64-bit system that is fully up to date.
  9. Great work guys as always. Just bought another life time license for my other system and all is good to go. :-)
  10. Nice jester for MBAM and a second opportunity for those who may have missed out the first time around.
  11. Hasn't been resolved i'm having the same problem updating as the others.
  12. Just signed up for the Newsletter offer, a big thanks.
  13. Thanks loving the new changes.
  14. Great news and addition to the MBAM team. Congrats to both. :-)
  15. Nice interview done by Marcin with Softpedia well thought out and professionally done.