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  1. Malwarebytes' saves my ar** more than once. If I had not used it, i had to format my HDD more times and reinstall Windows, so I think it's important to use Thank you. I'll do so! So long, b.exe
  2. Done and works! Thank you very much for this fast support
  3. Hi, thanks for your help! I just type regedit into Start -> Run and searched for the folder in the other topic. No I don't know where I have to change anything. I took a screen and loaded it up, so can u tell me what I have to do? Screen
  4. Hi, at first i just want you to excuse my bad english! Now my question: How can i finally stop the IP-Guard (i don't know if this is the right word, in german it is "IP-Schutz"). If i tick the box off, it will be ticked again after the next restart, but i don't want to use this and i don't want to tick it after every restart. If this is possible, i would be glad to get an answer! Greetz, b.exe from Germany