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  1. Not a good idea
  2. Thanks for the feed back Ron. This up grade? seems to have taken several backward steps.
  3. Recent topics. Could we please have the control back to show or hide the recent topics at the top right of the board
  4. You really need to get a life
  5. On other forums there is an option to turn this Off/On. This would keep all users happy
  6. Thank you. much better
  7. It would also help if you got rid of that flapping avatar David. Its very annoying on the eye. Thanks for understanding. As this so called update is awful on the eye
  8. I have never used my email to log in. When I first joined the Mbam forum it required a log in name and then a screen name. Now I now it only requires the screen name it's not a problem. However, thought you should know as other long time members may be confused.
  9. Would not accept my log in name but would accept the screen name
  10. But only if you are running RDP8 "Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and explained that “you may have to restart the computer multiple times after you install this security update on a Windows 7-based computer that is running RDP"
  11. downloaded clean install of version 8, ran fast without any problems win 7 sp1
  12. Thank You
  13. Try again Log.txt