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  1. Hi Ron, I agree on your points and find PUP to be utterly annoying as well, but I think you misunderstood what I meant. The change would be mainly for Malware Helpers, meaning that when they open a log file, they can easily differantiate between what is real malware and what is PUP or adware. Cheers!
  2. First of all, a big plus in increasing the detection of PUPs, awesome ! A small side-effect of this is that sometimes logs are being clogged with PUP detections, which makes it harder to differentiate from the real malware detections (read: not adware/PUP). Would it be a possibility to make an extra section in the logs which indicates PUP seperately? Cheers, B
  3. Now listening to an excellent 90s mix... (playlist):
  4. Indeed, or maybe even an Import/Export possibility of the ignore list as well! What do you think Samuel?
  5. When having several items in the ignore list, adding and removing them happens from time to time. However, when you (accidentally) click on Delete All, all exclusions get deleted immediately. I think an extra MsgBox would be beneficial. Example: Cheers!
  6. MD5: 59375510bde2ff0dba7a8197ad9f12bb Creates, modifies or queries Windows shell links (shortcuts). More information: Detected by on-access: Cheers
  7. RAR, ZIP, 7z, CAB and MSI and Self extracting executable (SFX) files being supported are: 7z, ZIP, RAR and NSIS. At least according to:
  8. Yeah, I was already in doubt about the file being legit or not ... Now I'm sure . Thanks !
  9. Possible FP on 2 files with the same MD5. C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Identities\{22E201E5-F51D-485F-9089-FDD4DB0614A0}\LicenseValidator.exe (Trojan.Agent) C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\TeamViewer\{398BDA07-BCB2-4514-A057-FD1C217D517C}\UpgradeChecker.exe (Trojan.Agent) MD5: 9f76ce785aabe25064e9d702f360eff7
  10. I decided to post this in Tailwaggers and Jokes, but I guess it would fit in Security Alerts as well ;-) Enjoy !
  11. Nice ones !
  12. Proficiat. Happy birthday !
  13. Hi Eddy, As far as I know, that function is already in MBAM for quite some time. I would assume it would ease removal of malware which may be using Internet Explorer. (additonally preventing I/O errors)