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  1. Great to hear! I really hate PUA's, PUP's. Cheers, Daniel
  2. I'm checking into it but I assume it's part of the Webroot Cloud as they use the amazon network: https: //db-ip[.]com/all/54 . 67 . 85 https: //db-ip[.]com/54. 67 .85.144 Thanks, Daniel
  3. It's a False Positive as WRSA.exe is WSA's main process and would show being used checking the site in question with it's Web Filter Extension. You can check Websites manually here: Also Webroot is Cloud Anti-Malware and it uses the Amazon network! Thanks, Daniel
  4. No problems with the Beta's and working very well Congrat Malwarebyte's Teams on the finished product! TH
  5. Thanks got it via the internal updater! TH
  6. Great Thanks! TH
  7. Some info: Mebromi: the first BIOS rootkit in the wild: TH
  8. Hello Gordie my Friend!

    Danny Boy! :-)

  9. you have agreat day Danny Boy!!

  10. There's nothing wrong with MBAM as I use it Also it was a Prevx False Positive that's all and it happens on New Updated Programs at times! TH
  11. @Camelia and Elemjay and anyone else that has FP's with Prevx please use the Prevx Support Forms where we can help you best and not here! And I was just told that these FP's were corrected! Thanks, TH
  12. Thank You Came for the report! I have sent them in to Prevx to get corrected! TH
  13. No thanks there are to many Toolbars out there already! TH