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  1. I read a couple of other post and got combofix to work and now malwarebytes is working and also my antivirus can be reinstalled. My tip was to search the docs filter the search by docs modified around the time the issue occured from there i could go on a bit of a massacre to delete the windows defender thing and this freed up task manager then closed down the majority of tasks and then combo fix did the rest! Thanks for the programs!
  2. Further to this - task manager wont open and combofix wont run/scan as windows system defender stops it :-(
  3. Hi guys, Firstly thanks for your great program, I have only had "need" to use once before but do keep on top of it around once a month. I had an issue yesterday which looked like a virus.(I think its windows defender or something similar) I ran my Virgin Media PC guard both anti virus and antispyware programs. these came back and quarentined the issue. I then ran malwarebytes to check. The program loaded fine and then I clicked to perform quick scan. It started preparing to scan and 3 seconds in it crashed so I tried to reload this but was met with an error message "windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" (I am the sole user of the PC and am the administrator) I then thought it may be an issue with malwarebytes, i completely uninstalled and re downloaded the program. It started as normal but then the same happened again. (i then did the same, started and paused the scan - but when I restarted the scan its crasehed again) Any help would be gratefully received as the issue has now extended to the anti virus software - except when i tried to reiinstall it would not let me do this so I have no antivirus either :-( I have tried to download HIJACK THIS and the same happens (aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh) Thanks Badger