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  1. Then i have nothing further to say. I await Iobit's response...
  2. I'm not sure, but is having the same "virus name" illegal? Just to clear this up? Because i was browsing through their forums, and I noticed they conduct some tests, putting their product against yours...
  3. I just dont condone the idea of bashing a softwares name, without at least hearing their side of a story. But like i said, if you guys are 100% sure, I cannot suggest anything else. I can only ask that you hear their side of the story.
  4. I would ask, for my sake, if you guys are SURE. By sure, i mean WITHOUT ANY DOUBT in your mind, and if that were the case, then by all means, take necessary countermeasures. But I would ask, and urge you guys to hold back on attacks and wait for IOBIT to give their reasoning, or attempt to explain the situation. Because if they do have an explanation, and if it IS a valid one, then MBAM's name becomes somewhat stained. So PLEASE, wait for their response, thats all i ask.