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  1. I've been translating Malwarebytes for over 8 years now, and one of the main issues with community based translations is the tools you get. While it's gone from bad to decent the recent years for Malwarebytes, it all began with translating directly into a .txt file. With such translating methods the quality was affected, and the reputation of community based translations must have received a hit from that. Then we got Qt Linguist which is better, but pretty far from tools like Transifex or Weblate which incorporate team based translations where you can have several translators and several proof-readers. For now it's maybe for the best these community translations are put on the hold, because it really needs a whole new platform to work. I've spent a lot of hours on my translations - and while it's been fun, it has also been filled with frustration. And being frustrated while translating will not end up with a good product.
  2. I like it. Also glad you got rid of the "shadow/ghosting" in the menu tab (scan, settings buttons.)
  3. My default DPI-setting was set at 120 DPI. I changed it to 96 DPI and the problem is fixed. Though everything else on my monitor is incredible small atm because of the lower DPI-setting. My suggestion to Malwarebytes is to remove the picture in the update window for people with different DPI on their monitor. Thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks. Though it happens on this monitor even when I install it on a fresh system after formatting. It's probably as daledoc1 says, something to do with the DPI of the screen - since David also runs it at the same resolution on his desktop, which probably has a different DPI compared to mine.
  5. Hello. It's probably been mentioned before but I couldn't find anything using the search function. Anyways, when you're on a high resolution like e.g. 1920x1080, the picture in the update window doesn't fit the rest of the window. And the blue malwarebytes logo is also very pixlated. Picture below.
  6. Hi, and thanks for the warm welcome! Ok, great. At least if you are few people on the team, you have more control over things. It's great to see that the community also help out. Again, thanks. That was all I wanted to know. Good luck with the project and products! It's great to see new products doing great.
  7. Hi. How many employees are there on the MalwareBytes team? I'm just asking out of curiousity. Nothing else. Thank you.