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  1. All Internet Explorer addons and such have been accounted for so it looks like I'm ok, thanks for the help! However I will admit I rarely use it, mainly I use Firefox instead.
  2. I ignored the warning to install it(since I assumed it was a false positive and only had a small amount of time to install it) and I haven't had problems like this with other promotions from the site. So if I'm still a bit unclear if it's just the temporary file that was the issue if having installed it means it also installed that ad-ware or not?
  3. Updating didn't change anything with this, here's the screenshot(part has been obscured to remove personal information).
  4. I read the rules for submission to this area but I could not follow them I'm sorry because this problem is not picked up through a scan, only when trying to run the setup program enclosed within the zip file. It is the current(as of today, as there is generally a new one each day and the ones before that expire if not installed within the one day promotion period) free program promotion available at www.giveawayoftheday.com I have been using this site for both its programs and usually weekend game offers and as they claim have never found malware in any of their promotions. However I ran the zip file through virustotal to back this up and this is its conclusion: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/b5e0b4b...836264a68e7108e Therefore I report this as a false positive and enclose the mentioned zip file(hopefully this is not against any site rules, if so I apologize in advance), so you can inspect its contents further. Video2FlashConv.zip Video2FlashConv.zip
  5. Whenever the program installs a new version after updating its database and there's a new version available it says that mbam.exe is in use or something. The way I find around it is to go into the MalwareByte's directory and delete the file and then click on the Retry button. Is there any way this can be resolved so that this file is not in use during the installation?
  6. I will admit that for awhile not this program has been heaps better than AVG Anti-Spyware but it did have one feature I especially liked that this program lacks, the ability to add files or folders in a custom search from within the program and scan only them. It would be really great if this feature was added as even though there's the shell extension it's a lot more inconvenient in comparison.
  7. I tried uploading a file as my avatar that I used on numerous computer security forums but it wont allow me, is it because I'm a new member?