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  1. No. It only restarts when a new database is actually downloaded. Although a new database is *checked for* every 5 minutes, that does not mean there *is* a new database every 5 minutes (we don't release 400 new databases per day!).
  2. Working for Malwarebytes! :D
  3. We are now looking for translators for: Arabic Estonian Korean Lithuanian Macedonian
  4. Terrific, MalwareBuster! I am sending you a private message right now. Thanks!
  5. Here ye, here ye, all Malwarebytes community members! We are seeking translators for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for the following languages: Danish Estonian If you speak one of these languages and would like to help us translate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, please send me a private message immediately! Thanks!
  6. Reopened at the request of CorvidMoon.
  7. The Prevx team tells me they should be fixed. Please let us know if you have any further issues. Thanks,
  8. We have contacted Prevx to ask them to fix their false positive.
  9. The principal reason for this change in 1.5* clients was to sync up with the new 1.60 format v2011.12.23.01, which is much easier to read, we hope.
  10. Version 1.51.2 (Released September 12, 2011) Issues Fixed: 1. Fixed issue with users with { or } in user account names. 2. Internal bugfixes. Product Details: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  11. No changes. was previously in what we call "release candidate" stage. The idea is that we test the exact build we intend to release to the public, since if we change the build we potentially reintroduce new issues and have to test again.
  12. Version 1.51.1 (Released July 14, 2011) Issues Fixed: 1. Fixed minor updating issues. 2. Fixed issue with trials expiring too early. 3. Fixed GUI language bugs. 4. Fixed issue where Ignore List was not honored by the Protection Module. 5. Fixed issue where limited users were prompted to update an outdated database. Product Details: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  13. I might still recommend posting your logs and one of our support team will help you ensure you're not infected. But I don't think any of those connection are ours. Re: Avast, thank you. I will get in touch with them.
  14. Well, nothing in that netstat log is ours, unfortunately -- we're definitely not listening for connections from localhost. Have you installed or updated any other pieces of software recently? Failing that, it might be a good idea to post a log and check your system over for malware. Is that a recent issue with Avast? i.e. if you use their updated definitions, do you get those detections? If so, I have to talk to them about whitelisting again. Thanks,
  15. The Protection Module and Scheduler in MBAM PRO are driven by the service mbamservice.exe, which runs as LocalSystem, but it does not "listen" for updates. Realtime protection essentially pings Malwarebytes servers every few minutes checking for a database update, and downloads it as soon as it is available (this is the cleanest way to implement this without setting up a webserver on every client machine!). It will make connections that look like they're coming from a system process, but it shouldn't be "listening". Can we see the output from netstat -a -b -o ? That might help us figure out whether it's our connection or not.