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  1. It was a issue with Win7 itself, found a couple of other issues with win7 and also my desktop, had to reinstall windows. All is running well... (for now) Thanks!
  2. LOL! Let me repete this one more time.... I DO HAVE AV software just not currently running.. ROFL it is NOT the end of the world for me and my PC. I've ran my PC's like this for well over 20yrs now and have had no major issues. In fact the the only two issues I had with a virus were by doing something I knew I shouldn't of been doing...(and yes I do check and run them on occasion) ROFL I can't tell you the number of time I had helped friends and family get a virus off their system who do ALWAYS run AV.. Like I said before it is NOT that hard to keep them OFF your system by knowing how most of them get there in the first place... The MAJOR problem with AV protection is; most ppl think just because they run AV sofware they can just run, use and download anything.. I can think of at least a dozen times that someone has told me " I don't understand I have (bla,bla , bla) anti-virus sofftware how come I'm infected?" Well Captian Obvious, lets start there.. The fact that you are running 3 P2P progies and a mail server for starters... It just never ceases to amaze me that ppl run their systems wide open and then expect that AV software WILL always protect them... I guess these are the same people who think ABS systems will stop you sooner and keep you form an accident..... I the words of P.T.Barnum..........................
  3. Hmmm I guess as of yet no clue as to why......
  4. True, NONE of them do.... I do have and and run (every once and while)AVG, ESET, & Avast. but right now I just put Win7 ult on and are not running them. One because I would like to get mbam working before I do and Two I have yet to need ANY of them running full time, it's not to hard to keep most all of the crap off your system by just paying attention and knowing how a lot of it gets on there in the first palce....
  5. Hello E-Dragon: That's why I was confused. You have no anti-virus application. I am going to defer to a Malwarebytes' staffer to assist you further. OK Now I'm confused what one did you think I had (or should of had)???
  6. As I stated above I use SpybotSD & Windows Defender
  7. Hi, No problem, Thanks for your help... I use SpybotSD & Windos Defen
  8. Did a search for it and here are ALL the files it came up with: HowTo.html x52.xml plugin-ignore.ini english.ini Revo Uninstaller Pro Help.pdf MigApp.xml helpmap.txt Reader_en-us_report-conref.html HowTo.html tou.html tou.html default.htm default.htm en-us.htm en-us.htm site-map.htm site-map.htm small-businesses-services.htm small-businesses-services.htm hub.htm hub.htm webservices.html webservices.html default.htm default.htm default.htm default.htm default.htm default.htm default_17.htm default_17.htm practices.html practices.html default.htm default.htm en-us_2.htm en-us_2.htm en-us.htm en-us.htm
  9. Hi, Nope I don't run MSE... *Confusing* this is a new install of Win7 and I did not download MSE and have no mse.exe file or folder or shortcut... I never installed it....
  10. With all the A/V progies you just listed and ran it's pretty hard to consider that none of them found anything... THAT's perplexing...
  11. Thanks, sorry bout the long delay...(work,work,work, not time for play) Here are the requested files.... OTLfiles.zip
  12. Read the other posts about freeze ups with Mbam, tried most of those solutions, to no avail... I recently installed Win7 everthing went fine been using it for the past week now (with Mbam) I've been installing some old programs that Win7 didn't migrate and I might add that ALL these prorgams have worked fine with Mbam in the past(years in some cases). Tried uninstalling w/Mbam clean PLUS searching and removing EVERY thing associated with Mbam. still no luck, I didn't try stopping the "Start file execution blocking" because no new hardware was installed but, as mentioned above, new/old software was. The problem seemed to be after one of the many win updates tho I can't recall what one. Win7 has updated a few more times since I've had Mbam off my system (each time I put it back on it just freezes my sys at startup) OS: Win7 Ult 32bit AutoRuns.zip