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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support l have managed to fix the problem, ir seems that this was a problem with IE8, because use FireFox most of the time l hadn't notice that IE8 was not connecting to the web, but for some strange reason FireFox was ok. Anyway l got IE8 up and running again and was able to download updates for Malwarebytes and no error message. Merit if you are having the same problem as l described l suggest you do a full rest of IE8. This is was done it for me.
  2. Hi exile360, Thank you for your response, l have followed #8 of the FAQ but still no joy, and have excluded Malwarebytes from AVG and windows xp firewall. The link you gave me regarding changing the Automatically detect settings l have tried this last night still no joy on this.
  3. Hi, l have followed the instructions on post 4, but l am still getting the same message. AdvancedSetup, l have looked at my windows firewall seems ok. l have full AVG ver 9.0.710 installed, as lm not much good with computers not sure where to at in AVG to find out if this is blocking it. Also have have spybot installed, although l dont think this will causing the problem. Please can help
  4. Hi, New member to this forum. My problem is that l am unable to update Malwarebytes, and it keeps popping up with the message error code: 732 (12029,0). can anyone help me please.