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  1. I must admit I'm surprised by nosirrah's reply but will bow to his superior knowledge on the matter. If your directory contains utilities why not rename it C:\Utils?
  2. XP SP3 - fully patched. I never had a problem with installing or upgrading your program until v1.21 so it's strange I can't now install v1.20 either.
  3. I've tried that, several times. The program installs but doesn't run. I can't remember the error message now but I think it made reference to a file that couldn't install as it's not properly registered. Edit: I've just tried again and I get Run-time error 339 and the option to send a report to Microsoft. I also get an application error that refers to an instruction at 0x773f65f1.
  4. Well I'm glad that most people are reporting that v1.21 is working for them but over 12 hours ago I posted that I can no longer install v1.20 or indeed v1.21. I've tried several times, completely uninstalling and rebooting before trying another install but I still see these code 5 errors. Any suggestions?
  5. But I wasn't so lucky. My laptop updated via the internal updater without any problems but I encountered the Code 5 error message when installing from a new .exe file on my main PC. I uninstalled and re-installed but got the same error. I rebooted and no change. I also tried installing v1.20 but couldn't get that to install either, it had previously been running on my PC since the day you released it. I also tried a partial install of v1.20, that is ignoring the Code 5 errors, and then tried to update via the internal updater but that didn't work either. I'm running XP SP3 on both PCs. It's now uninstalled pending suggestions on how I can install without the Code 5 errors.