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  1. I too have the problem with high cpu usage with svchost. I have tried the uninstall and clean up method with no success. If i get the time i will contact you about this. For now MBAM is disabled.
  2. One more post and you wont have to
  3. Yes this would be a nice addition. Much better than having to open up MBAM to make sure it is updated.
  4. I have now changed one of the settings to "Run With Highest Privileges" Hopefully it should now run without being prompted by UAC.
  5. I am running Windows 7. I set the schedule for every 4 hours. The only problem is i get a prompt from UAC to run the program. Is there a way of allowing the updater to rum without disabling UAC?
  6. Thank you MysteryFCM
  7. Thanks for all of your replies, most helpful
  8. OK got it now lol.
  9. Ok then i am completely and utterly confused. Is it good or bad? done a google and this means absolutely no sense at all to me.
  10. Hi, i am getting a blocked ip for this address IP-BLOCK This is provided by ftfans of Twister anti trojan antivirus, so i would assume it is a false positive.
  11. Hi, just bought myself 2 licenses for MBAM. With ip protecton enabled, i am unable to access http://www.twistee.org Now as far as i am aware this is a trusted site. Could anyone check this out for me. Thanks